求翻译: The mathematical test is used to demonstrate the optimization performance of the presented ARDE through compared with the Standard Genetic Algorithms (SGA) and Differential Evolution (DE). 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 通过函数试验,分析比较了该算法、标准遗传算法及差分进化算法的优化性能,证明该算法具有良好的收敛速度和全局寻优能力,满足气动优化设计的要求。 参考翻译1: 在数学测试用于演示的提出优化性能的比较,通过林炳培标准遗传算法(sga)和差速器进化(de)。 参考翻译2: 数学测试用于演示优化性能ARDE提出的通过对比标准遗传算法(SGA)和微分进化(DE)。 参考翻译3: 数学测试用于演示通过的呈现炳培的优化性能标准遗传算法 (SGA) 和微分演化 (德) 相比。 参考翻译4: 数学测试是用来以证明提出ARDE的优化性能通过与标准遗传算法(SGA)和差分进化(DE)。 参考翻译5: 数学实验是用来表明,优化性能的介绍雅通过与标准遗传算法(儿)和差分进化(德)。
In the same group,the effect of promethazine(5,15 mg/kg)was more obvious,compared with 45 mg/kg(P<0.05).的翻译是:在同一组,因此影响promethazine(5,15mg/kg)是较为明显,则为45mg/kg(p<0.05)。[翻译]
Compared to doppler velocity log for the same depth of water, it enables the use of smaller transducer and smaller transmitting power.的翻译是:多普勒速度相比,登录的同一深度的水,它使您能够使用较小的传感器和发射功率较小。[翻译]
Result Compared with controls,expression of Pax-6 in hippocampusl dentate gyrus neurons decreased markedly following radiation,and more evidently by admimistration of nimodipine;的翻译是:结果对照,表达式中的人-6hippocampusldentategyrus神经细胞受辐射照射后明显减少,和更多的显然的nimodipineadmimistration;[翻译]
It would be interesting to know how the same boys and girls compared at Sats at 11, GCSEs and university entrance, said Dr Brosnan.的翻译是:我们也很想知道如何在比较同一男童和女童在sats11、gcses和大学入学,斯・布鲁斯南博士说。[翻译]
Results Normal group compared to NRF group, RF group, all the following indexes had difference: MVE peak, E/A ratio, EDT;的翻译是:结果正常的组组相比,nrf,射频产品组,以下所有索引的区别:车辆废气峰值、e/a比率、edt;[翻译]
Secondly, compared with the section 301, the TBR inclines to be in compliance with the international trade rules supported by the WTO.的翻译是:第二,与第301相比,tbr斜坡符合国际贸易规则的世贸组织的支持。[翻译]
The difference of between light-duty vehicleemission regulations 91/441/EEC, 94/12/EC and 96/69/EC are analysed and compared in this paper.的翻译是:之间的差异的轻型vehicleemission条例 91/441/ eec、 94/12 94/12 94/12 94/12 94/12/ ec和 96/69/ ec进行分析和比较。[翻译]
The serum SOD nad MDA also increased (P<0.05) and the blood GSH Px decreased compared with normal group (P<0.05).的翻译是:血清sod和mda也有所增加(p<0.05)和血液――总参px下跌百分之比正常组(p<0.05)。[翻译]
Compared with the control group, the complication incidence was decreased evidently and the score of APACHE Ⅲ improved remarkably in the Group A ( P <0.01).的翻译是:与控制组,显然和并发症的发生率有下降的apacheⅢ明显提高分数的a组(p<0.01)。[翻译]
The pharmacodynamics of DGR was evaluated for the thrombolytic efficacy,antithrombotic effect, antiplatelet aggregation activity and influences upon bloodcoagulation in vivo and compared with that of r-Sak.的翻译是:dgr的药效学评价的溶栓疗法的疗效,antithrombotic效果,antiplatelet聚合活动和影响的活体和bloodcoagulation比r-sak。[翻译]
The mathematical test is used to demonstrate the optimization performance of the presented ARDE through compared with the Standard Genetic Algorithms (SGA) and Differential Evolution (DE).的翻译是:在数学测试用于演示的提出优化性能的比较,通过林炳培标准遗传算法(sga)和差速器进化(de)。[翻译]
The growth of cell transfected with PTEN was dramatically ~inhibited compared with the parent ASPC cell or ASPC-1-pEAK8 cell.的翻译是:transfected的增长与pten的单元格是显著抑制了~比父阿德莱德技术审理中心签发单元格或阿德莱德技术审理中心签发-1-峰值8单元格。[翻译]
Conclusion:Compared with 2D-DSE and CK-DSE,the results of identifying viable myocardium are also a reliable andeasy technique in identifying viable myocardium.的翻译是:结论:与2d的德国国际经济发展基金和ck-dse,存活心肌的结果是确定一个可靠也更易于融资技术,确定存活心肌。[翻译]
Methods 100 pregnant women were administered combined subarachnoid and epidural anesthesia during labour and compared with another 100 control pregnant women who did not receive the combined anesthesia.的翻译是:管理方法相结合的结果显示该名死者死100孕妇分娩期间和硬膜外麻醉,与另一个100控制孕妇的合并并没有收到麻醉。[翻译]
Conclusion Compared widi die nonspecific Amberlite XAD-7 adsorption, immunoadsorption might be a specific and more effective therapy of endotoxin shock.的翻译是:结论是断续相比amberlitexad-7非特异性吸附而死,immunoadsorption可能是一个具体和更为有效的疗法,不过电击。[翻译]
The patients of LFA group were undergone semi-closed circuit LFA with N 2O-O 2-Isoflurane and compared with HFA group.的翻译是:lfa的病人组的是经历了半封闭电路lfa的n2o-o2-异氟醚,与居所资助津贴组。[翻译]
Methods 30 patients with anxiety and 30 ones with depression were assessed with California Psychological Inventory (CPI) and compared with 30 health persons.的翻译是:方法患者3030的焦虑和抑郁症与心理的加利福尼亚人进行了评估库存(cpi)和30健康人。[翻译]
Compared with DW group and WKY group,serum titres of TC,TG and HDL-C in ATV group were significantly lower (P<0.01,P<0.05).的翻译是:相比之下,dw组和wky组,血清titres的tc、tg、hdl-c在亚洲电视本港台组,显著降低(p<0.01, p<0.05) 。[翻译]
The rate of adverse reaction in ELof group was 8 %, which had no significant difference compared with that of the diazepam group (P>0.05).的翻译是:在率elof组不良反应8%,并无重大差异,相比与泮组(p>0.05)。[翻译]
Results ALT,AST activities and MDA formation in COS pretreated groupefficiently decreased 62.2%,52.9% and 34.3% respectively compared to the CCl4 control group.的翻译是:结果alt、ast活动形成和mda在cosgroupefficiently预处理过下跌百分之62.2% ,52.9% 及34.3%相比分别的ccl4控制组。[翻译]

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