求翻译: “We took our inspiration from the human body, ”says materials scientist Scott White, the Illinois team’s leader. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 圣诞节的歌声与汽车的喇叭声交汇在一起,成为我们穿街走巷购物的绝妙音乐背景。 参考翻译1: 他说:「我们是在灵感来自人体说,材料科学家斯科特白、伊利诺伊州团队的领导人。 参考翻译2: “我们把我们的灵感来自人体,“材料学家斯科特·怀特说,伊利诺伊州小组领导人。 参考翻译3: "我们花了我们的灵感来自人类的躯体,"说材料科学家斯科特白色,伊利诺伊州团队的领导者。 参考翻译4: “我们花了我们的灵感来自人体,说:”材料科学家斯科特·白,伊利诺伊州球队的领袖。 参考翻译5: “我们的灵感来自人体,说:”材料科学家史葛白,伊利诺斯队的队长。
Apparently, the purpose of the picture is to emphasize the importance of self-confidence in our daily life.的翻译是:显然,目的是强调画面的自信我们的日常生活。[翻译]
Undeniable, more and more green environmental protection material and clean energy will be used in our daily life.的翻译是:无可否认,更多和更多的绿色环保材料和使用清洁能源将在我们的日常生活。[翻译]
Please login to your account and grab the newest version of our ad code and replace your current ad code.的翻译是:请登录到您的帐户,并抓取最新的版本,我们的广告代码,并更换您的当前广告代码。[翻译]
Our Company specializes in the production and sale of cashmere fabrics, scarves, shawls, cashmere coats, cashmere suits cashmere products.的翻译是:本公司专业生产和销售羊绒织物、围巾、披肩、羊绒大衣、羊绒羊绒制品最适合。[翻译]
In spite of the difficulty of the passage, we succeeded in picking out its sense by our efforts.的翻译是:尽管很难通过的,我们挑了出来,其意义上的我们的努力。[翻译]
They enter our atmosphere traveling 45 miles a second and burn up in brilliant streaks of light.的翻译是:他们进入我们的大气旅行第二和刻录了45英里的一个辉煌条纹的灯。[翻译]
Our tenet is "quality first, credit standing paramountcy ". Welcome the clients at home and abroad to negotiate and cooperate.的翻译是:我们的服务宗旨是“质量第一、信誉至上"。 欢迎国内外客户前来洽谈、合作。[翻译]
Our hotel boasts 379 tastefully decorated guest rooms and suites, each room equipped with standard four star international amenities.的翻译是:酒店拥有379间客房和套房,每间客房均配备有标准的四星级国际设施。[翻译]
Our promise of providing everything you need for safe, clean and efficient facilities goes beyond delivering unsurpassed quality.的翻译是:我们的承诺:提供您需要的一切设施,安全的、清洁和高效设施超出提供无与伦比的性能。[翻译]
Still, in dealing with specific matters, we must be cautious and learn from our experience as we go along. 的翻译是:但是,在处理具体事务上,我们必须谨慎对待,从我们的经验中汲取教训,我们一起走。[翻译]
“We took our inspiration from the human body, ”says materials scientist Scott White, the Illinois team’s leader.的翻译是:他说:「我们是在灵感来自人体说,材料科学家斯科特白、伊利诺伊州团队的领导人。[翻译]
In our employment of troops we need progressive, flexible strategy and tactics, without which we likewise cannot win victory. 的翻译是:我们需要在我们的就业派遣部队的进步、灵活的战略和战术,我们没有这种同样不能取得胜利。[翻译]
So as to our case, shall the silks be inspected by the surveyors before you conduct the shipment?的翻译是:以我们的案例中,应进行检查,丝绸的之前的测量师进行发货吗?[翻译]
And again, "As to the survival of the nation, naturally our party will work for it persistently, body and soul." 的翻译是:又一次,"的国家生存,我们的党就会自然的工作,坚持、身体和灵魂."[翻译]
Galactosylceramide, a new membrane that is utilized in our experiment, is made into 5-fluorouracil Galactosylceramide liposome (5-Fu-GCL).的翻译是:galactosylceramide、一个新的隔膜,是在利用我们的实验,到5-fluorouracilgalactosylceramide脂质体乳膏(5-fu的gcl)。[翻译]
The object of this letter is to tell you that our customers are satisfied with the goods.的翻译是:这封信的目的是要告诉你,我们的客户满意的商品。[翻译]
It is not best that we use our morals weekdays; it gets them out of repair for Sunday.的翻译是:它也不是什么好办法,我们用道德去规范周一至周五;它就可以获得的,星期天。[翻译]
All this has played an important role in improving law enforcement effectiveness and the efficiency of our work.的翻译是:这一切都发挥了重要的作用,提高执法效率和提高我们的工作效能。[翻译]
Their class team walked over the team of our class in football match, but vice versa in basket ball match.的翻译是:其流的团队的团队走过的我们班的足球赛,但反之亦然在篮球匹配。[翻译]
Our reserved seats are Numbers 8 and 9 near the window.The seat number is on the back of the seat.的翻译是:我们预留座位的数字8和9的窗口附近。座位号上是座椅背。[翻译]

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