求翻译: The exodus would help those left behind to expand their land holdings and use them more efficiently. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 一部分农民离开土地将使留在农村的人增加土地持有量,从而更有效率的利用土地。 参考翻译1: 这将有助于这些外逃留下来扩大自己的土地储备和更有效地使用化石燃料,。 参考翻译2: 《出埃及记》将帮助那些留在扩大他们的土地财产并且更有效的使用它们。 参考翻译3: 外流会帮助那些留下的扩展其土地控股和更有效地使用它们。 参考翻译4: 出走,将有助于扩大其土地储备,并更有效地使用它们留下的。 参考翻译5: 出埃及记会帮助那些留下来扩展他们的土地和更有效地利用它们。
Use the Restore button to return an RCS to operation and restore service to the attached base stations.的翻译是:使用“恢复”按钮,返回一个乡事委员会的运作和服务恢复到所连接的基站。[翻译]
The use of a monetary standard consisting of two metals, especially gold and silver, in a fixed ratio of value.的翻译是:使用的一个货币标准由两个金属,特别是黄金和白银,在一个固定的比率的值。[翻译]
Firstly, in the very beginning, the article approaches the fair use from historical clue of its creation.的翻译是:第一,在一开始,这一条办法的公平利用从历史线索的创造。[翻译]
The check valve poppet assembly shall be guided via the use of a corrosion resistant plastic guide.的翻译是:单向阀阀芯组件通过使用应遵循的一个耐腐蚀塑料导板上。[翻译]
The conclusion is that,it will cause a great economic waste to use the environment-hagardous transitional substitutes.的翻译是:结论是,这将会导致一个巨大的经济浪费,使用环境的hagardous过渡性替代品。[翻译]
When you surf the Web, you will notice that most tutorials use uppercase HTML tags in their examples.的翻译是:当您在web上冲浪时,您将会注意到,大多数教程html标记,他们所列举的例子使用大写字母。[翻译]
43.5 billion yuan was spent on ordinary middle schools, with operating expenses for public use averaging 239.89 yuan per student.的翻译是:43.5元用在普通高中,以供公众使用操作费用平均每个学生239.89元。[翻译]
EMASOL 520B provides long service life and freedom form rancidity without the use of phonetic biocides.的翻译是:emasol520b提供了更长的使用寿命和不自由的使用形式的拼音rancidity生物杀灭剂。[翻译]
Section 4 applies this fuzzy measure to the analysis of xx and illustrates its use on experimental data.的翻译是:第4条适用的措施分析本模糊的xx,也说明了其使用的实验数据。[翻译]
To determine the strength and location of earthquakes, scientists use a recording instrument known as a seismograph.的翻译是:要确定人数和地点的地震,科学家使用了称为一个地震仪记录文书。[翻译]
The exodus would help those left behind to expand their land holdings and use them more efficiently.的翻译是:这将有助于这些外逃留下来扩大自己的土地储备和更有效地使用化石燃料,。[翻译]
"Both research groups use wire made of a standard alloy of nickel and iron that is easy to magnetise."的翻译是:"这两个研究小组用铁丝做了一个标准合金的镀镍和铁质,是很容易,尖头部位带环形."[翻译]
In order to maintain your initial 40%, you have to use your savings to buy more stocks.的翻译是:为了保持您的初始40%,您必须使用您的储蓄来购买更多存货。[翻译]
USE:Suitable for cutting all kinds of kraft paper、tea paperboard、grass paperboard、calico and art paper.的翻译是:用途:适用于切割各种牛皮纸paper、teapaperboard、grasspaperboard、calico和铜版纸。[翻译]
Always use an appropriate area, such as heat-resistant surface, keep away form drafts, vents and air currents.的翻译是:请始终使用一个合适的区域,如耐热的表面上,请将电池放在远离形式草案、通风孔和气流。[翻译]
The use of a stationary camera often implies objectivity as it is solely recording the reality unfolding before the lens.的翻译是:使用一个固定摄像机往往意味着客观性,这完全是记录现实的镜头面前展现。[翻译]
Gills tend to be used by aquatic species while the more advanced terrestrial species use tracheal systems.的翻译是:鳃往往用水生物种的同时更多的高级陆地物种气管系统使用。[翻译]
A tag attached to a piece of merchandise giving information about its composition and proper care and use.的翻译是:一个贴标签的一件商品的信息,其组成和适当的照顾和使用。[翻译]
Study on Spatial-temporal Pattern of Songnen Sandy Land Use/Cover based on RS and GIS Technology的翻译是:研究空间的空间和时间结构松嫩平原沙质土地使用/盖基于rs和gis技术[翻译]
A Critical Analysis of the Standard for Statistics of the Use of Electronic Service Attached to ISO2789:2003(E)的翻译是:一个关键的标准”的统计分析的利用电子服务连接至iso2789:2003(e)[翻译]

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