求翻译: In this paper,how to extract multimedia information stored in FPT file as general data type in XBASE database(dBASE X,FoxBASE,FoxPro,etc.) 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: dBASEX、FoxBASE、FoxPro等XBASE数据库改造升级时,XBASE数据库DBF表文件向Oracle、SQLSever等数据库加载升级有各种不同的方法,但对于存储在FPT备注文件中的图像和WAV音频等多媒体信息数据的转换则没有好的解决办法。 参考翻译1: 在这份文件,如何提取多媒体信息存储在文件中,与一般数据类型在fptxbase数据库(dbasex、foxbase、foxpro等) 参考翻译3: 在此文件中,如何提取多媒体信息 FPT 文件中作为通用数据类型存储在 XBASE 数据库中 (dBASE X、 FoxBASE、 实现,等等。) 参考翻译4: 在本文中,如何提取多媒体信息存储在FPT文件xBase的数据库(DBASE X,FOXBASE,FoxPro中,等)作为一般的数据类型 参考翻译5: 在本文中,如何提取多媒体信息存储在文件中的数据类型被作为通用数据库(数据库FOX BASE数据库,,,等。)
This paper introduces how to form stepmotor driver source by using EPROM and analyse and design driver source and frequency measuring circuit.的翻译是:本文介绍了如何通过使用epromstepmotor驱动程序源代码,分析和设计驱动程序源代码和频率测量电路。[翻译]
Short of the impossible, as Yeats put it, the satisfactions we get from a lifetime depend on how high we choose our difficulties.的翻译是:短期的不可能,因为叶芝说的那样,这一生我们从满意度取决于我们如何选择我们的困难。[翻译]
This is how it all happened. During their talk Carter mentioned a certain African organization and asked the Shah to give an overall appraisal of it.的翻译是:这就是它全部都发生过。 在他们谈话提到卡特的某些非洲组织和要求的国王,整体评价的。[翻译]
The equipment that investor throws: Wait like stage of computer, office, air conditioning, electrograph having is new partially, having is old partially, how to do Zhang?的翻译是:该设备,投资者抛出:等待的阶段就像计算机、办公、空调,传真机已是新部分,都是老旧部分,如何做张?[翻译]
When the kind-hearted and honest Xie was told how Blewett, et al distorted her story, she said furiously, ``They are talking rubbish!'的翻译是:当善良和诚实是怎样谢·布卢伊特,etal扭曲她的故事,她说曾愤怒地,“他们说废话了!”[翻译]
In this paper, how to solve the problem of the design fuzzy control system based on MATLAB M files is studied.的翻译是:在这份文件中,如何解决这一问题的模糊控制系统的设计基于matlab是m文件进行了研究。[翻译]
Best: How to find and buy a profitable foreclosure property in your area within 2 weeks - using none of your own money!的翻译是:最佳:如何找到并购买您所在区域的盈利赎财产在2周内-使用自己的钱都没有![翻译]
typical productions and foreground of EPOC are introduced. At last it mainly presents how to develop application on the Symbian platform.的翻译是:鹕典型作品和前景的介绍。 在最后一个it主要是介绍如何在symbian平台开发应用程序。[翻译]
This paper chooses typical crisis cases of "SK-II" and "Colgate" to analyze that how the integration communication is applied concretely.的翻译是:本文选择典型危机情况下的"sk-ii"和"高露洁棕榄"以分析的一体化通信应用,如何具体的行动。[翻译]
The standardized format for new project plans forces consultants to indicate how they intend to reuse intellectual capital to execute an assignment.的翻译是:标准化格式的新的项目计划部队顾问,表示它们打算如何执行一个重用知识资本分配。[翻译]
In this paper,how to extract multimedia information stored in FPT file as general data type in XBASE database(dBASE X,FoxBASE,FoxPro,etc.)的翻译是:在这份文件,如何提取多媒体信息存储在文件中,与一般数据类型在fptxbase数据库(dbasex、foxbase、foxpro等)[翻译]
Color-Line: Any discrimination based simply on race or color is barbarous, we care not how hallowed it be by custom, expediency or prejudice.的翻译是:color-line:任何歧视简单地基于种族或肤色是野蛮,我们完全不通过自定义如何神圣,权宜或偏见。[翻译]
However, how to criticize has become a big baffle to ensure the quality of Maintain the Advanced Nature of the CPC Member.的翻译是:但是,如何批评已经成为一个很大的工作量,确保质量的保持共产党员的先进性。[翻译]
In addition, a method of how to apply joseki, which is based on combinatory game theory, to computer Go game system is presented.的翻译是:此外,这种方法的如何应用joseki,其基础是被问及游戏理论,游戏系统是计算机。[翻译]
She held out her hand, he kissed it with affectionate gallantly. though he hardly knew how to look, and they entered the house.的翻译是:她伸出她的手,他吻着它,雄赳赳气昂昂地爱她,虽然他不知道怎样去找,他们走了进去。[翻译]
Want to be part of the challenge? Like wild places and working as a team? Find out how to be a marshal.的翻译是:要是我们面临的一部分挑战呢? 就像野地并作为一个团队呢? 了解如何将一个元帅。[翻译]
It is necessary for every soldier and civilian to see why the war must be fought and how it concerns him. 的翻译是:它是有必要的,为什么每一个士兵和平民的战争,就必须作斗争,如何关注他。[翻译]
Pigou did indeed accept thatpoint, albeit rather late in life, so it is unclear how he would have feltabout petrol and global warming.的翻译是:thatpoint.pigou曾确实接受,尽管生活中较晚,所以不清楚他会如何feltabout汽油和全球变暖有。[翻译]
"RMSD" shows how close the currently accepted structure is to the right answer. (x-axis is RMSD, y-axis is progress.的翻译是:"rmsd"显示了如何关闭当前接受的正确的答案是结构。 (x轴是rmsd、y轴就是一个进步。[翻译]
They are not given an age in canon, nor has JKR given any indication of how old they are in chat.的翻译是:他们却没有得到这样一个时代,佳能,jkr也没有给予任何指示有多古老在聊天面板中。[翻译]

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