求翻译: The Chapter 4 introduces network structure、principle of working, the method and realization that how to pack a SMIL file to a MMS file. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 第四章介绍了MMS的网络结构与工作原理,以及对于SMIL如何打包成为MMS文件的方法和实现。 参考翻译1: 这一章介绍了网络structure、principle4的工作,其方法和实现,如何包装一个smil文件,一个彩信文件。 参考翻译3: 章 4 引入网络 structure、principle 的工作,方法与实现该如何收拾 SMIL 文件到彩信的文件。 参考翻译4: 第4章介绍了网络结构,工作原理,方法和一个SMIL文件打包到一个多媒体文件,如何实现。 参考翻译5: 4章介绍网络结构、工作原理,方法及实现,如何打包文件的一个多媒体文件。
However, how to criticize has become a big baffle to ensure the quality of Maintain the Advanced Nature of the CPC Member.的翻译是:但是,如何批评已经成为一个很大的工作量,确保质量的保持共产党员的先进性。[翻译]
In addition, a method of how to apply joseki, which is based on combinatory game theory, to computer Go game system is presented.的翻译是:此外,这种方法的如何应用joseki,其基础是被问及游戏理论,游戏系统是计算机。[翻译]
She held out her hand, he kissed it with affectionate gallantly. though he hardly knew how to look, and they entered the house.的翻译是:她伸出她的手,他吻着它,雄赳赳气昂昂地爱她,虽然他不知道怎样去找,他们走了进去。[翻译]
Want to be part of the challenge? Like wild places and working as a team? Find out how to be a marshal.的翻译是:要是我们面临的一部分挑战呢? 就像野地并作为一个团队呢? 了解如何将一个元帅。[翻译]
It is necessary for every soldier and civilian to see why the war must be fought and how it concerns him. 的翻译是:它是有必要的,为什么每一个士兵和平民的战争,就必须作斗争,如何关注他。[翻译]
Pigou did indeed accept thatpoint, albeit rather late in life, so it is unclear how he would have feltabout petrol and global warming.的翻译是:thatpoint.pigou曾确实接受,尽管生活中较晚,所以不清楚他会如何feltabout汽油和全球变暖有。[翻译]
"RMSD" shows how close the currently accepted structure is to the right answer. (x-axis is RMSD, y-axis is progress.的翻译是:"rmsd"显示了如何关闭当前接受的正确的答案是结构。 (x轴是rmsd、y轴就是一个进步。[翻译]
They are not given an age in canon, nor has JKR given any indication of how old they are in chat.的翻译是:他们却没有得到这样一个时代,佳能,jkr也没有给予任何指示有多古老在聊天面板中。[翻译]
Using effective throughput effeciency as optimization object, this paper also discussed how to improve ARQ protocol performance by selecting frame sire dynamicly.的翻译是:使用有效吞吐量可靠性作为优化对象,本文还讨论了如何改进arq协议的性能,方法是选择帧dynamicly嚅嚅。[翻译]
Evaluating the material chosen for the handle and how well this fits with the overall view of the knife is, again, a personal preference.的翻译是:评价的选定的材料处理,以及它是全面地反映政府的刀,也就是一个个人的喜好。[翻译]
The Chapter 4 introduces network structure、principle of working, the method and realization that how to pack a SMIL file to a MMS file.的翻译是:这一章介绍了网络structure、principle4的工作,其方法和实现,如何包装一个smil文件,一个彩信文件。[翻译]
But few deign to explain how the construction of the millions of solar cells required to convert that energy into electricity would be financed.的翻译是:但是,很少有人愿意纡尊降贵的来解释如何建设太阳能电池所需的数以百万计的转换,将由能源转换为电能。[翻译]
Being the offspring of a legend made her an easy target for high school kids to see just how tough she was.的翻译是:炎黄子孙的一个图例作了一个简单的目标,高中孩子们看到的只是她是如何困难。[翻译]
Beyond the general association between flares and strong magnetic fields, the picture of how things work has long remained very fuzzy.的翻译是:在一般照明弹和强磁场之间的关联,如何完成工作的图片工作长期以来是非常模糊。[翻译]
This essay discusses how to train qualified teachers for elementar education in theory and practice from the angle of a normal college teacher.的翻译是:这篇文章将讨论如何培养合格的教师,在教育理论和实践elementar的角度去看一个师范学院教师。[翻译]
In allusion to the leadership,not only analyse the signification,essentiality(=significance) and meanings of it,but also elaborate on the way of how to improve it.的翻译是:在提到领导,不仅分析的意义、必要性(=意义)和它的含义,但也详细阐述了如何改善它。[翻译]
This paper introduces how to use the multithreading based on the exploitation environment of the LabWindows/CVI, and explains the problem of scheduling and data transmission among multithreads.的翻译是:本文介绍了如何使用多线程的基础上开发的环境,labwindows/cvi,解释该问题的调度和数据传输multithreads之间。[翻译]
Although we often vaccinate for Coronavirus, we do so out of habit referring back to a time when we did not realize how benign Coronavirus diarrhea actually was.的翻译是:虽然我们经常进行疫苗接种的冠状病毒,我们这么做是因为提到习惯的一个时间,我们却没有认识到冠状病毒腹泻其实是多么温和。[翻译]
In the realization of the system, a basic problem is how to achieve showing, editing and storing and transmitting of the Mongolian on network.的翻译是:在实现系统,一个基本问题是如何实现显示、编辑和存储和传输网络上的蒙古。[翻译]
This information is in the accessPoint element found in bindingTemplate B. This service, to be compliant, knows how to respond to a get_bindingDetail message.的翻译是:此信息是在接入点找到元素在bindingtemplateb.这项服务,以符合法规要求,知道如何响应一个get_bindingdetail消息。[翻译]

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