求翻译: The first of the three computers in an"off-line" machine that is used for production planning 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 实践证明,该系统具有可扩展性强、响应时间快、识别精度高等特点。 参考翻译1: 第一个三台电脑,一个"离线"机器,用于生产计划 参考翻译3: "离线"的机,用于生产计划中的 3 台计算机中的第一个 参考翻译5: 三个在“离线”;;机是用于生产规划
But the very fact that it has cut the base rate earlier than expected tells a story in itself.的翻译是:但这一事实本身,它将基本利率比预期的还要早讲故事的本身。[翻译]
We will see to it that foreign experts, engineers and technicians are given preferential treatment in pay and life necessities.的翻译是:我们将确保外国专家、工程师和技术人员提供更多优惠的待遇、生活必需品。[翻译]
Maiden, the beauty is like a fruit that is yet to mature, tense with an unyielding secret.的翻译是:婚前的美丽,就像是一个水果,仍未成熟,很紧张,一个不屈不挠秘密。[翻译]
It is interesting to note that recently micro minis have made a comeback in hip hop and rap circles.的翻译是:这是个有趣的现象值得注意,最近又卷土重来,超短裙和hiphop饶舌界。[翻译]
A digital signal processing system of vor- tex flowmeter was developed using TMS320LF2407A that has abundant peripherals on chip.的翻译是:一个数字信号处理系统的伏尔—tex流量计采用tms320lf2407a芯片上具有丰富外设。[翻译]
We all need hugs and love coming from othes to assure us that we are indeed lovable.的翻译是:我们所有人都需要来自othes拥抱和爱要向我们保证,我们确实可爱。[翻译]
Certainly the more people that get into gaming,the better it is for the industry and the sport.的翻译是:当然,更多的人进入游戏,也越好,这项运动的行业。[翻译]
The results showed that the magnetic core of Fe3O4 was perfect with the average diameter 9 nm.的翻译是:结果表明,磁芯的fe3o4是一场完美的平均直径9nm。[翻译]
A chemical substance that interferes with the physiological action of another, especially by combining with and blocking its nerve receptor.的翻译是:一个化学物质的生理活动的干扰,另一个,特别是通过结合并阻止其神经接收器。[翻译]
The practice indicates that the system have strong extensibility, fast response time, high precision of recognition etc. feature.的翻译是:这种做法表明,该系统具有可扩展性、快速响应时间、高精度的识别等功能。[翻译]
The first of the three computers in an"off-line" machine that is used for production planning的翻译是:第一个三台电脑,一个"离线"机器,用于生产计划[翻译]
Kissinger felt that Rogers was quibbling, but the lawyer in Nixon supported the quibble of a fellow lawyer.的翻译是:基辛格认为,罗杰斯被纠缠,但律师在尼克松的支持的一个家伙狡辩律师。[翻译]
a liquid substance that is a solution (or emulsion or suspension) used or obtained in an industrial process.的翻译是:一种液体物质,是一种解决方案(或乳液或悬架)使用或获得在一个工业过程。[翻译]
Albert Einstein said: A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?的翻译是:阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦说:“我一个问题,有时有烟霞:我或是其他人疯了吗?[翻译]
Characteristic that this crowd participates in VCT project is asfollows, (1) pay attention to the privacy of VCT;的翻译是:特性,这是人群参与vct项目按以下步骤,(1)要注意隐私的检验;[翻译]
A chronic skin disease having various causes, marked by the eruption of pale, dome-shaped papules that itch severely.的翻译是:一个慢性皮肤疾病有多种原因,其特点是以爆发的苍白,圆顶形的丘疹痒严重。[翻译]
When you suffuse your thinking with hope, you end up holding on for something that most likely will never occur.的翻译是:当您开始流行你的思想与希望,您最终控股的最有可能的东西绝对不会发生。[翻译]
I was really not aware of that. Perhaps I forgot my balance in my account when I wrote the check.的翻译是:我真的是不知道这事。 也许是我忘记了我的平衡我的帐户中当我写了检查。[翻译]
A tough, insoluble protein substance that is the chief structural constituent of hair, nails, horns, and hoofs.的翻译是:一个坚韧、不溶性蛋白质的物质,总结构组成的头发、指甲、喇叭、马蹄声。[翻译]
A word, phrase, or clause that limits or qualifies the sense of another word or word group.的翻译是:一个单词、短语或条款,限制或限定的意义上另一个词或词组。[翻译]

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