求翻译: Results WCP-GFR and Robert-GFR and CG-CCr could all give expression to GFR accurately to some extent,and WCP-GFR was more accurate than others and could take the place of Tc-GFR clinically. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 结果WCP-GFR、Robert-GFR、CG-CCr均能在一定程度上准确反映GFR,而以WCP-GFR更准确,可代替Tc-GFR应用于临床。 参考翻译1: 结果世界气候方案的gfr不能计算和罗伯特的gfr不能计算和cg-ccr都能够在一定程度上准确地表达,gfr不能计算,和世界气候方案的gfr不能计算较为准确,都不能代替tc的gfr不能计算在临床上。 参考翻译2: 结果WCP-GFR和Robert-GFR和CG-CCr都能给表达式GFR准确地在某种程度上,和WCP-GFR比其他人更加准确,能够代替Tc-GFR临床。 参考翻译3: 结果触点肾小球和罗伯特 · 肾小球 CG CCr 可以全部给表达肾小球准确地在某种程度上,触点肾小球是比别人更准确和可以代替 Tc 肾小球临床。 参考翻译4: 结果WCP-GFR和Robert-GFR,CG-CCR都可以体现到GFR准确地在一定程度上,WCP-GFR比别人更准确,可以采取临床TC-GFR的地方。 参考翻译5: 结果wcp-gfr和robert-gfr和cg-ccr都可以表达公式准确地在某种程度上,和wcp-gfr是比别人更准确,可代替应用于临床。
Married couples not only earn more than non-married people, they tend to economize on the costs of running their households, allowing them to save and invest at higher rate.的翻译是:已婚夫妇不仅获得超过非结了婚的他们,他们往往为节约运行费用的家庭,使他们能够在储蓄和投资率较高。[翻译]
Conclusion Most lesions of oral warts from HIV-positive patients are associated with the infection of HPV. The low risk HPV6/11 infection is more common than the high risk HPV16, 18, 31.的翻译是:结论大多数病变口腔尖锐湿疣从艾滋病毒抗体阳性病人相关的感染人类乳头状瘤病毒种类多达 低风险乳头瘤 病毒6/11 感染更为常见的高风险hpv16、18、31。[翻译]
Based on some non-attainable contingent claims which present prices are known in the incomplete markets, the paper provides more investment opportunities to the investers, then modifies the expression of martingale representation theorem, so that the inne的翻译是:根据一些非可实现或有债权,现时价格是已知的不完整的市场,本文件提供了更多的投资机会,在加盟,然后修改表达式代表的鞅投注系统你肯定定理”,这样inne[翻译]
My colleagues and I devised a scale to measure proneness to feeling regret, and we found that people with high sensitivity to regret are less happy, less satisfied with life, less optimistic and more depressed than those with low sensitivity.的翻译是:我和我的同事们制定了一个刻度尺测量矫揉造作感觉遗憾,我们发现,人们更高的灵敏度,遗憾的是不太幸福、满足的生命,比那些不那么乐观和感到沮丧与低敏感度。[翻译]
To precisely distribute the sound effects and dialogue generated by the game engine, THX Games Mode places the audio from a 5.1 mix source to the appropriate "action" location ? creating a far more interactive gaming experience.的翻译是:声音效果,精确地分发和对话的游戏引擎所产生的,thx游戏模式将音频从一个5.1混合源代码,相应的"操作"位置吗? 创建一个更多互动游戏体验。[翻译]
Conclusion Clinic history and neurological examination associated with MRI and CT or CTM was the important means of the diagnosis of OLF, improved surgical technique was more effective and reliable. オ的翻译是:结论诊所神经学研究历史和mri引起的或ctm是重要和ct的诊断手段的奥罗莫阵线,改进手术方法,更有效和可靠。 オ[翻译]
All emulsion systemsexhibited pseudoplastic behavior, and viscosity of either FSPC or CSPI emulsionsystem was higher than that of SPI. Elastic moduli of each emulsion system was alsodifferent and FSPC and FSPI resulted in emulsions with more solid propert的翻译是:所有乳液systemsexhibitedpseudoplastic行为,和粘度的cspiemulsionsystemfspc或高于spi。 弹性模数的每个乳液系统alsodifferentfspc和农民协会联合会导致乳浊液,与更多坚实宜人[翻译]
The emitting power of the Ground System is 20dBm, the sensitivity of tracing and capturing is -89dBm, the dynamical range is more than 55dB and the capturing time is 28ms.的翻译是:发光的电源的接地系统是20dbm的的敏感性,追踪和捕获89号协议dbm,动态范围超过55db和捕获时间为28ms。[翻译]
Chelsea fans in north-west England will have an unexpected opportunity to see Gianfranco Zola play once more in a local stadium when the Sardinian legend takes part in a fund-raising match at Macclesfield Town.的翻译是:切尔西球迷在西北英格兰将有一个出乎意料的机会更多,一旦看到詹佐拉了当地一个体育场的撒丁岛图例时参加了一筹款匹配在马格斯菲特城。[翻译]
Coulomb friction model with high accuracy is proposed so that more accurate equations of motion can be established for the transient response of the singledisk rotor which drops onto the backup bearing as soon as AMB shuts down.的翻译是:库仑摩擦模型,具有高精确度是方程式的建议,以便能够更准确的议案可设立singledisk转子的瞬态响应的,降到备份轴承尽快回国将会关闭。[翻译]
Results WCP-GFR and Robert-GFR and CG-CCr could all give expression to GFR accurately to some extent,and WCP-GFR was more accurate than others and could take the place of Tc-GFR clinically.的翻译是:结果世界气候方案的gfr不能计算和罗伯特的gfr不能计算和cg-ccr都能够在一定程度上准确地表达,gfr不能计算,和世界气候方案的gfr不能计算较为准确,都不能代替tc的gfr不能计算在临床上。[翻译]
Thoughts which a man deliberately places in his own mind, and encourages with sympathy, and with which he mixes any one or more of the emotions, constitute the motivating forces, which direct and control his every movement, act, and deed!的翻译是:一名男子蓄意地想法在他的心里,并鼓励与同情,并与他融合了任何一个或多个的情感,构成的推动力,他的直接和控制每一个运动,采取行动,而且契约![翻译]
Pepper, the acreage more than 50 acres, is expected to reach 800---900 acres varieties of capsicum frutescens var. Luster. brightly-colored, air-dried amaranth, area yield 300 kilograms, the annual mid-October : time to market sales.的翻译是:辣椒的面积超过50亩,预计将达到800---900多英亩的胶州红光辣椒制品厂frutescensvar品种 光泽,色彩明快的空气干燥amaranth,单产300公斤,每年的10月中旬:上市时间销售。[翻译]
In strictness of speech, almost all food, as it comes from the hands of the agriculturist, is nothing more than material for the occupation of the baker or the cook.的翻译是:在严格的演辞,几乎所有的食物,因为它来自农学家的手中,并没有超过材料的贝克或占领的库克山。[翻译]
To attract more potential grand champions on to the dohyo, the amateur sumo association suggested allowing shy youngsters to wear less revealing "sumo pants" - something akin to cycling shorts - instead of mawashi .的翻译是:亚冠联赛,以吸引更多的潜在的参观完大,业余相扑协会建议允许害羞青少年穿少透露"相扑运动裤"-一个类似于自行车短裤-而不是mawashi。[翻译]
All patients were treated for more than 6 months. 15 cases in MMF Group and 12 cases in CYC Group had repeated renal biopsy after the treatment for 3~6 months.的翻译是:所有接受治疗的病人超过6个月。 mmf组15个案中,12宗个案「公益少年团功绩荣誉组也曾多次治疗后肾活检的3~6个月。[翻译]
Hint we will not have hepatitis to individual transaminase heighten henceforth clinical symptom person the mark that should examine hepatitis B virus not only, should detect more antibody of third hepatitis virus and RNA of third liver virus.的翻译是:提示我们将不会在乙型肝炎临床症状,个别transaminase今后提高人的标记,应检查乙型肝炎病毒不仅仅是应检测乙型肝炎病毒感染更多抗体的第三和第三肝病毒的rna。[翻译]
So do bH with ET-1.(5)After radix astragali seu hedysari and/or ligustrazine therapy, the changes of ETx, ET-1, FIB and TXB2 in RALIG were more significant than NCG and HCG.的翻译是:因此,请bh,et-1.(5)在基数astragaliseu(需要保养)hedysari和/或ligustrazine治疗,则所做的更改的etx,et-1、fib和txb2ralig更显著的ncg和hcg.比[翻译]
But - and really it is not too big a but - it does seem that the balance of probability is firmly tilted towards the supposition that Atlantis was more than a legend; that, in reality, it was a historical fact.的翻译是:但是,实际上是不太大的,它的可能性来衡量,似乎是坚定地偏向于这种假设,亚特兰蒂斯是一个多图例;在现实生活里,这是一个历史事实。[翻译]
The main benefits of QBRT-based routers include a major improvement in price/performance over conventional routers, linear scalability as parallel media cards are added and greater port density in a more compact chassis.的翻译是:它的主要好处qbrt的基于路由器包括一个大的改善,价格/性能比传统路由器、线性可扩展性,并行多媒体卡添加和更大的端口密度,更紧凑的机箱。[翻译]

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