求翻译: 5 micrometers in size, the capital city has vowed to improve air quality in the following year, Guo said in a meeting planning Beijing's environmental work in 2012 是什么意思?
参考翻译1: 5微米大小,首都城市,有的发誓要改善空气质素的一年后,郭金龙说,北京在环境方面的工作规划会议,2012年 参考翻译2: 5微米大小,首都已承诺,将改善空气质量在随后的一年,郭在一次会议上称计划在2012年北京的环保工作 参考翻译3: 5 微米的大小,首都城市发誓要在下一年度改善空气质素,郭规划 2012 年北京的环境工作会议上说 参考翻译5: 5微米大小,首都城市发誓改善空气质量在一年后,郭说,在会议规划北京的环保工作2012<br>
Tsang said the Labor Department's Recruitment Center for the Catering Industry and Recruitment Center for the Retail Industry will strengthen liaison with employers in both industries to better serve their recruitment needs as the two sectors have been p的翻译是:曾荫权说,劳工处招聘中心招聘的餐饮业和零售业中心将加强与雇主的联系,更好地为这两个行业的招聘需求为两个部门提供了对基层的就业机会[翻译]
The Vocational Training Council will set up an International Cuisine College with a capital expenditure of 500 million HK dollars, and is expected to admit its first cohort of students in the 2014/15 academic year, providing more than 2,000 places a year的翻译是:职业训练局将会成立一个国际美食学院,资本性支出500多万港元,预计将招收首批学生,学生学年2014/15,提供超过2000名地方一年,曾荫权说[翻译]
He said the government will also inject 100 million HK dollars into the Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through the Small Enterprises Project, under which the funding is granted to non-government organizations to set up small enterprises的翻译是:他说,政府还将投入100多万港元入促进残疾人士就业的小企业通过项目,根据资金的,给予非政府组织成立小型企业雇用残疾人[翻译]
In addition, the Employees Retraining Board will offer 130,000 training places in 2012/13, and allocate additional resources for the provision of placement-tied courses for the unemployed and people seeking employment, Tsang said的翻译是:此外,雇员再培训局将提供13万的训练地点2012/13,并增拨资源,提供就业挂课程,让失业人士和求职人士,曾荫权说[翻译]
"The government will remain vigilant against any serious deterioration in the economic situation and its impact on employment," Tsang said, "When necessary, we shall provide further funding to adjust and enhance the relevant employment pro的翻译是:他说:「政府将继续提高警觉,因为任何严重恶化的经济形势及其对就业的影响,”曾荫权说:「在有需要时,我们将提供更多的资金进行调整,并加强有关就业方案[翻译]
HK strives to preserve employment rate的翻译是:香港致力维持就业率[翻译]
Beijing will continue to improve the capital's air quality in 2012 by focusing on reducing PM2的翻译是:北京将继续改善空气质素,2012年的资本的重点放在减少pm2[翻译]
5 - the smallest and most hazardous airborne pollutant, Beijing Mayor Guo Jinlong said Monday的翻译是:5-空气传播污染物的最小和最危险,北京市市长郭金龙说星期一[翻译]
Despite the new challenges and new requirements to monitor airborne particulate matter under 2的翻译是:尽管新的挑战和新的要求下,监测空气中微粒性物质2[翻译]
5 micrometers in size, the capital city has vowed to improve air quality in the following year, Guo said in a meeting planning Beijing's environmental work in 2012的翻译是:5微米大小,首都城市,有的发誓要改善空气质素的一年后,郭金龙说,北京在环境方面的工作规划会议,2012年[翻译]
Beijing will see 200,000 mu (133 million square meters) more green land and a project to renovate 15-million-square meter old communities will be launched, according to Guo的翻译是:北京将会看到20万亩(133万平方米)更多绿色土地和项目,以修复一个15多万平方米旧社区开展,据郭[翻译]
Beijing vows to reduce pollution in 2012的翻译是:在2012年北京誓言将以减少污染[翻译]
BEIJING - It is both necessary and possible for China to maintain a proactive fiscal policy this year, Chinese Finance Minister Xie Xuren said on Wednesday的翻译是:北京-这是必要的,也是有可能保持一个积极的财政政策,中国财政部部长谢旭人表示:“在星期三[翻译]
In a signed article published in the Qiushi Journal under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xie said that implementing a proactive fiscal policy was a significant decision as the country deals with a changing economic environment的翻译是:在一篇署名文章中发表的《求是》杂志根据中央的《华尔街日报》中国共产党,谢说,实施积极的财政政策是一个重大的决定,处理该国的不断变化的经济环境[翻译]
"There are many favorable conditions for the further growth of China's economy in 2012," Xie said, citing that China is stepping up the pace of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization的翻译是:他说:「有许多有利的条件,中国经济进一步增长的2012年,”谢说的理由是,中国正在加紧步伐的工业化、城市化和农业现代化[翻译]
But China's economy also faces many challenges, Xie added的翻译是:但中国经济也面临着很多挑战,谢添加[翻译]
Weakening external demand poses increasing difficulty for the country's exporters and the income gap between urban and rural residents was still relatively large, he said的翻译是:外部需求减弱带来的困难越来越大的国家之间的收入差距和出口和城乡居民仍相对较大,他说:[翻译]
China is confronted with the arduous tasks of economic restructuring this year, and there are still many factors that may drive up prices, Xie said in the article的翻译是:中国的艰巨任务,面临着经济转型这一年,但仍有许多因素,可以提高价格,谢说,该条[翻译]

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