求翻译: Advances made by the Zhongxing Telecom on the research of DWDM are also briefed in the paper. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 最后简单介绍了中兴通讯在密集波分复用技术方面的进展情况。 参考翻译1: 所取得的进展的研究,中兴通讯dwdm也向客人介绍了在文件中。 参考翻译2: 提出由中兴通讯的研究还向客人简要介绍了DWDM是在纸。 参考翻译3: 取得的密集波分复用研究的中兴通讯的进展还向文件中介绍了。 参考翻译4: 还介绍了由中兴通讯DWDM研究上取得的进展的文件。 参考翻译5: 取得的进展,中兴通讯在研究中也简要介绍。
A current research progress and status for sludge disposal in municipal wastewater treatment plant is also briefed. 的翻译是:一个当前的研究进展和状态的污泥处理市政污水处理厂中也向客人介绍了。[翻译]
You should also be briefed on how to recognize and respond to an emergency. 的翻译是:您还应向客人介绍了关于如何识别和对紧急情况作出反应。[翻译]
On that night, he briefed Sharon with the details of the meeting with Arafat. 的翻译是:这天晚上,他向客人介绍了沙龙的细节与会见阿拉法特。[翻译]
Roland Bullard, president of the FastShip project, believes his ships could also be easily converted to military use, Last year executives from the company briefed the Royal Navy at a conference. 的翻译是:罗兰・贝格尔折腾,fastship项目,认为对其船舶也可轻松转换为军事用途,从去年高层管理人员介绍了公司的一次会议上皇家海军。[翻译]
The generals had expected to be briefed on the over-all military picture of the offensive, but the warlord treated them instead to a political and historical harangue. 的翻译是:将军们预期在听取了关于统一的全面的军事进攻的画面,但却把他们视为军阀的政治和历史说教。[翻译]
Li Wan also briefed the guests about China's domestic and foreign policies. 的翻译是:李广域网还向客人简要介绍了中国国内和外交政策。[翻译]
Market Director of Maybelline Ms. Wang Hongbin briefed us on the two major features of this new product: the mini brushtop and the ingredient butterfat. 的翻译是:王女士的maybelline市场总监洪滨向我们介绍了两个主要功能的这种新型产品:小型brushtopbutterfat和成分。[翻译]
Our activities are conducted in close consultation with our Clients who are constantly briefed about the progress that is being achieved and the action that is proposed to be taken to implement their strategy. 的翻译是:我们的活动进行密切协商与我们的客户他们在不断地向客人介绍了有关这项计划的进展情况,并采取行动,我们正在实现后,提议将采取实施其战略。[翻译]
The secretary of Defense briefed the President on the enemy's strength. 的翻译是:美国国防部长向总统介绍了敌人的实力。[翻译]
I briefed the gate agent and the new flight attendant crew on the situation and asked them to give her special attention. 的翻译是:我向客人介绍了新的飞行话务员座席和浇口的情况和船员要他们给她特别注意。[翻译]
Advances made by the Zhongxing Telecom on the research of DWDM are also briefed in the paper. 的翻译是:所取得的进展的研究,中兴通讯dwdm也向客人介绍了在文件中。[翻译]
Spokesman Liu Jianchao said his government had briefed the United States, Japan and other countries some time after the test. 的翻译是:外交部发言人刘建超说,他的政府已经向美国、日本和其他国家后的一段时间内测试。[翻译]
Briefed in the paper are the advantages of the electromagnetic induction heating process employed for shell reheating in seamless steel tube manufacturing. 的翻译是:向在纸张的优势是采用电磁感应加热的过程中,用于外壳加热钢质无缝管制造。[翻译]
And also briefed the related works of international organization for standardization. 的翻译是:和还向客人介绍了国际标准化组织的有关工作。[翻译]
They briefed the press about the recent happenings. 的翻译是:他们向客人介绍了按有关最近发生的事情。[翻译]
The importance and rule of geophysical exploration in the site selection for waste disposal of the nuclear power plant are briefed; its technology and application effectiveness are detailed. 的翻译是:地球物理勘探的重要性和规则中的选址的核电站废物处理的汇报;其技术和应用程序的效率十分详尽。[翻译]
Briefed in the paper are the development and application of the management information system for hot-rolled tube production of No. 4 Steel Rolling Plant of the former Anyang Iron & Steel Group. Also briefly discussed are the design process and opera的翻译是:在听取了有关文件的开发和应用的管理信息系统的热轧管厂轧钢生产的4号前安阳钢铁集团。 还简要地讨论了在设计过程的有效性和操作的系统。[翻译]
You've already been briefed on the Cordilla virus that is now threatening our cities. 的翻译是:您已经介绍了cordilla病毒威胁,现在我们的城市。[翻译]
Cabinet members will need to be briefed on the circumstances surrounding the crash. 的翻译是:内阁成员将需要向周围的情况的崩溃。[翻译]
You'll be briefed on your assignment in the conference room at two. 的翻译是:您将会听取您的指派在会议室内两个。[翻译]

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