求翻译: " She washes with soap (Oil of Olay) and water and follows up with Clinique Moisture On-Call. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 她用清水和香皂(玉兰油)洗脸,然后涂倩碧的润肤霜。 参考翻译1: "她用肥皂水洗净(油的olay)和水和湿气,曾经待命。 参考翻译2: ,“她用肥皂洗(石油玉兰油)和水和做出符合倩碧水分随叫随到。 参考翻译3: "她用肥皂 (玉兰油) 和水冲洗和用倩碧水分电话跟进。 参考翻译5: “洗;她用肥皂(油玉兰油)和水和跟进与倩碧润肤。
The algorithm has found a good balance between the robustness and imperceptible of the algorithm, and realized the blind detection.的翻译是:有的算法的稳定性之间找到一个良好的平衡,潜移默化的算法中,并实现了盲检测。[翻译]
Various kinds of mixes and products,based on fluororubber(-40℃--200℃),silicone rubber(-70℃--300℃)and fluoro-silicone rubber.的翻译是:各种类型的混合和产品,氟橡胶(-40°℃——200°℃)、硅橡胶(-70°℃——300°℃)和氟硅橡胶。[翻译]
Relationship between Solidification Thermal Parameters and Dendrite Arm Space and Soundness in ZL 105 Alloy Plate Castings的翻译是:dendrite凝固热参数之间的关系,在zl105手臂空间和稳健性合金板铸件[翻译]
Experimental Study and Clinical Observation of Serum Prealbumin in Evaluating Liver Function Damage and Liver Reserve Ability的翻译是:实验性研究和临床观察的血清prealbumin在评价肝脏功能损害和肝脏储备能力[翻译]
We review the literature and discuss the clinical manifestation, radiographic evaluation, and adjuvant therapy of metastatic melanoma.的翻译是:我们审查的文献和讨论的临床表现、x射线影像评价,辅助治疗的转移性黑素瘤。[翻译]
Lightweight titanium facesaves weight to reposition CG low and deep for higher launches and longer ball flight.的翻译是:轻量级钛facesaves重量低,重新定位cg发射更高和更长的和深飞行球路。[翻译]
The latter introduces badge extracting and badge matching, MAD correlation algorithm and recognition judgment are key technologies.的翻译是:后者引入了徽章解压和证卡匹配,疯关联算法和识别判断的关键技术。[翻译]
The Screening and Propertical Measurements of Corrosion and Acid Fog Inhibitor for Hydrochloric Acid Cleaning in Home Temperture的翻译是:在甄别和propertical测量腐蚀和酸雾抑制剂的盐酸在家庭清洁温度感应[翻译]
Cut tofu into 8 equal portions. Combine corn flour and yam flour well and coat tofu evenly with flour mixture.的翻译是:平等分成8个部分裁切豆腐。 任志刚结合玉米粉、面粉和涂上豆腐与面粉混合料均匀。[翻译]
" She washes with soap (Oil of Olay) and water and follows up with Clinique Moisture On-Call.的翻译是:"她用肥皂水洗净(油的olay)和水和湿气,曾经待命。[翻译]
Relationship between Solubilities of EPA Ester and DHA Ester in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and their Capacity Factors in SFC的翻译是:solubilities酯之间的关系美国环保署和人道主义事务部在超临界二氧化碳酯及其能力因素在证监会[翻译]
Ladies and gentlemen, please remove glasses, denture deaf-aid, and put them in your sock or side coat pocket.的翻译是:女士们,先生们,请卸下眼镜、假牙等置若罔闻的援助,并将它们放在外套口袋中。您织袜或一侧。[翻译]
The relationship between OCR (RO)、AER ( RN) and body weight(W) could be expressed as RO = aWb and RN =cWd.的翻译是:ocr之间的关系(ro)、aer(rn)和体重(w)可以表示为ro=自动白平衡和rn=cwd.[翻译]
Serum alanine amainotransferase (ALT), TNF α, LPO in hepatic cells, plasma and SOD in erythrocyte and hepatic tissues were determined.的翻译是:血清丙氨酸amainotransferase(alt)、肿瘤坏死因子α,lpo在肝细胞、等离子和红血球和肝组织中sod是确定的。[翻译]
The Mass and Angular Momentum Loss from the Edge of the Accretion disc and the Evolution of Cataclysmic Binaries的翻译是:角动量的大规模和损失的边缘的演变和积淀光盘灾难性二进制文件[翻译]
Expression of fas protein and apoptosis and proliferation in tumor cells were measured by flow cytometry(FCM).的翻译是:表达式的fas蛋白和凋亡的肿瘤细胞的扩散和流动测量的cytometry(fcm)。[翻译]
Image segmentation is the basic and the most important step in object recognition~ imageinterpretation and computer vision.的翻译是:图像分割是最基本及最重要的一步,承认~imageinterpretation对象和计算机视觉。[翻译]
Pay the costs of inspection and customs formalities necessary for exportation as well as all duties and taxes.的翻译是:支付费用的检查和海关为出口所需手续以及全部关税和其他税项。[翻译]
An organic compound, C4H10N3O5P, found in muscle tissue and capable of storing and providing energy for muscular contraction.的翻译是:一种有机化合物,c4h10n3o5p,发现于肌肉组织的储存和提供能源,能够使肌肉收缩。[翻译]

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