求翻译: ABS,CR and SBRMA were used as compatibilizers to optimize the selection of PVC/SBR ratio,compatibilizer and the quantity of plasticizer. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 以ABS、氯丁橡胶(CR)、马来酸酐(MA)接枝SBR(SBR-MA)作增容剂对PVC/SBR的共混比、增容剂、增塑剂用量做了优化选择。 参考翻译1: 防抱死制动系统(abs)、cr和sbrmacompatibilizers被用作优化选择pvc/sbr比率compatibilizer和数量的增塑剂。 参考翻译2: ABS、铬和SBRMA被用作增容剂优化选择的PVC / SBR比、相容剂和增塑剂的数量。 参考翻译3: ABS、 铬、 SBRMA 被用作增容以优化选择的 PVC/SBR 比、 增容、 增塑剂的数量。 参考翻译4: ABS,CR和sbrma作为增容PVC / SBR比,增容剂和增塑剂的数量,优化选择。 参考翻译5: 腹肌,铬和sbrma被用作相容剂的优选聚氯乙烯与丁苯橡胶,增容剂、增塑剂用量。
Oat beta glucan can accelerate the collagen synthesis and secretion, and reduce the formation of fine wrinkles, thus it has a very good effect on anti-ageing.的翻译是:审裁处的胶原蛋白可以加快测试版glucan综合和分泌物,减少皱纹的形成,优良,因此它有一个非常良好的影响抗衰老。[翻译]
The most obvious and striking trait is that Americans, especially New Yorkers, always seem to be going somewhere and always seem to be in a hurry.的翻译是:最明显和突出特点是,美国人、尤其是纽约人,似乎总是在某个地方去,似乎总是在有急事。[翻译]
Experimental results obtained from the 5 kVA active power filter (APF) and the 150 kVA hybrid-type APF have confirmed the feasibility and correctness of the proposed method.的翻译是:实验结果获得的5kva的积极动力过滤器(apf)和150kva混合型apf(指定防护因数)的可行性和正确性的确认的建议的方法。[翻译]
The following instructions pertain to all current and recent Symantec antivirus products, including the Symantec AntiVirus and Norton AntiVirus product lines.的翻译是:以下说明适用于所有当前和最近赛门铁克防病毒产品,包括赛门铁克防病毒和诺顿防病毒软件产品线。[翻译]
Salt Production, Exchange and Consumption of New Guinea, Uganda and Western Rome Kindom-The Comparative Study Salt Production of Early Qin Dynasty in Chongqing Region的翻译是:盐生产、交换和消费的新畿内亚、乌干达和西罗马kindom-the盐生产的比较研究在重庆地区早期秦[翻译]
This paper introduces the application of AGC to the hydroacoustic signal receiver,and expounds in detail its working principle and circuit of hardware.的翻译是:本文介绍了应用程序的自动增益控制(agc的水声信号接收器接收到,详细阐述了其工作原理和电路,硬件。[翻译]
The principle and main-structure of the APF-PF hybrid filter equipment is discussed, focusing on the correlated problems of reactive power and harmonic compensation.的翻译是:这一原则和主要结构apf的pf混合过滤设备进行了讨论,重点放在相关问题的无功功率补偿和谐波。[翻译]
Initial results were achieved in the strategic structural reform of the economic system and progress was made in the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure.的翻译是:初见成效的战略性的结构在经济体制改革方面取得了进步,产业结构优化升级。[翻译]
This product is much better than common pvc and jute materials for its environmental protection,easy washing, wear resistant deluxe and it keep its shape well!的翻译是:这要比普通产品pvc和黄麻材料在环保的同时,很容易清洗、耐磨损,保持其形状和豪华![翻译]
Some CMC lines have been introduced from Bulgaria and one inbred line named 383 has been selected for the further analysis and mapping in this study.的翻译是:从cmc生产线均已推出了一些保加利亚和一个名为383固有线路已被选中为进一步分析和绘图的这项研究。[翻译]
ABS,CR and SBRMA were used as compatibilizers to optimize the selection of PVC/SBR ratio,compatibilizer and the quantity of plasticizer.的翻译是:防抱死制动系统(abs)、cr和sbrmacompatibilizers被用作优化选择pvc/sbr比率compatibilizer和数量的增塑剂。[翻译]
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same is true for both the appreciation of art and music.的翻译是:美容是,因人而异,也会发生同样的情况,这两个的欣赏艺术的和音乐。[翻译]
Planning also progressed well for a new vehicle pound and vehicle examination facility to be built at Tai Po and North Lantau.的翻译是:规划中还进行得相当顺利,一个新的车辆扣留中心和车辆检验设施,并内置在大埔及大屿山北部。[翻译]
In order to improve the efficiency of the resource sharing and collaborating,grid resource dynamical management architecture were analyzed and discussed.的翻译是:为了提高资源的效率共享与协作、网格资源动态管理架构进行了分析和讨论。[翻译]
In this paper the composition of the dark-brown layer is analysed with AES and ESCA and the specific contact resistance has also been measured.的翻译是:在这份文件的组成的深棕色层进行分析使用aes和北非的特定的联系人,也一直测量电阻。[翻译]
The brewing techniques of loquat fruit wine were studied and the effects of different fermentation temperature and sugar content on wine quality were also analyzed.的翻译是:在冲煮咖啡的技术进行了研究和枇杷的影响水果酒的发酵温度和含糖量不同的葡萄酒质量也进行了分析。[翻译]
In the paper,it introduces the general EDI concepts,EDI standard,EDI applications in the auto motive industry and the revenue and prospect of EDI.的翻译是:在“纸张,它引入了一般电子数据交换概念,电子数据交换标准,电子数据交换应用程序在自动动机业的收入和前景,电子数据交换。[翻译]
Four applications of supercritical CO_(2): extraction,cell lysis and preparation of microparticles,reaction medium,and abstersion,especially in tobacco industry are reviewed.的翻译是:四个应用超临界流体萃取技术的有限责任公司(2):抽取,lysis单元格和准备的贵金属,反应中等,abstersion,尤其是在烟草业的审查。[翻译]
The university library,which is an academic institution of serving the instruction and scientific research,possesses the double- function ofthe information and the education.的翻译是:大学图书馆,这是一个学术机构的教学和科学研究服务的,拥有的双重功能的测试信息和教育。[翻译]
EIA and Protection Measures for the Adjusting and Storing Lake Marsh of the East Route Project of South to North Water Transfer的翻译是:环境影响评估和保护措施的调整和存储的湖东路项目的沼泽地的南到北水的转让[翻译]

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