求翻译: Detection of dim target in infrared image with strong noise and background is the emphasis and difficulty of target detection. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 强噪声背景下红外图像中弱小目标的检测一直是研究的重点和难点。 参考翻译1: 探测目标的红外图像的模糊与强烈的噪音和背景是重点和难点目标探测。 参考翻译2: 检测昏暗的目标红外图像中的噪声和背景与强大的重点和难点为目标的探测。 参考翻译3: 具有强噪声和背景的红外图像中弱小目标的检测是重点和目标探测的难度。 参考翻译4: 在强噪声和背景的红外图像弱小目标检测的重点和目标检测的难度。 参考翻译5: 红外图像中弱小目标的检测强噪声背景是研究的重点和难点。
And he fortified the strong holds, and put captains in them, and store of victual, and of oil and wine.的翻译是:和他持有强烈的防御工事,并将舰长;存放的victual和油类和酒类。[翻译]
Regular sports activities make students physically strong and deal with their study better, far from being a waste of time.的翻译是:经常性体育活动让学生们身体强壮并处理其研究更好地,而不应是浪费时间。[翻译]
in the north, where forests fade into frozen ground, the influence of tradition and folklore is strong.的翻译是:在北韩,慢慢被遗忘在森林冻土的影响传统和民俗是坚定的。[翻译]
Li Qiong ? such successful entrepreneurs are rare and we are very happy to have such a strong and reliable partner.的翻译是:李琼瑶? 这种成功的企业家是很少见,我们非常高兴,有这样一个强大和可靠的合作伙伴。[翻译]
TPP emits two fluorescent peaks, one strong absorption peak at 649.6nm and one weak absorption peak at 711nm.的翻译是:贸易点方案会发出两次荧光峰值,峰值在一个强烈吸收 649.6纳 米和一个弱吸收峰值为711nm。[翻译]
Strong theoretical background in electrial machinery. The ability of design electromagnetism and structure.Familiarity with the control theory of BLDC motor.的翻译是:强大的理论背景的电动机械机械。 电磁的能力设计的,结构”理论的熟悉程度的bldc电机控制。[翻译]
It cultivates the cultural values of the decision-makers, so the American foreign policy has a strong flavor of pragmatism.的翻译是:它的文化价值观培养的决策者,因此,美国的外交政策有一个强烈味道的务实态度。[翻译]
A strong, heavy fabric of worsted twill, used chiefly for shoe uppers, clerical robes, and academic gowns.的翻译是:一个强有力的、沉重的精纺斜纹布面料,主要是使用的鞋鞋面,上身依然和学术袍。[翻译]
A dark, extremely rich chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing. The strong chocolate flavor of this cake is amazing!的翻译是:一个黑暗的,极富含巧克力层的蛋糕,巧克力糖衣。 巧克力味道的强烈的这块蛋糕实在太棒了![翻译]
Detection of dim target in infrared image with strong noise and background is the emphasis and difficulty of target detection.的翻译是:探测目标的红外图像的模糊与强烈的噪音和背景是重点和难点目标探测。[翻译]
The second task of brain signal analysis is to extract EP signals from spontaneous EEG in strong backgrounds.的翻译是:第二项任务是分析的大脑信号,提取ep信号从自发脑电图在强背景。[翻译]
Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, And whoever is intoxicated by it is not wise.的翻译是:葡萄酒是一个mocker,喝烈性酒一个喧哗兵,谁喝醉,是不明智的。[翻译]
[KJV] Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?的翻译是:[]英皇钦定本中的分布与他為天空,这是坚强的,和作为一个熔融镜子呢?[翻译]
Go up to be wiped gently in very hot mark with alcohol, toilet water or strong tea can purify.的翻译是:轻轻擦去,在非常热标记与酒精、水冲厕或强茶可以净化。[翻译]
They were allocated with different tasks: the strong men dug the holes, and ladies planted the sapling trees.的翻译是:他们与不同的任务分配给:强壮的人挖的洞,和女士们埋下了幼树树。[翻译]
With its graceful movements and salubrious effects on health, it has a strong appeal to a vast multitude of people.的翻译是:其优雅的运动有益健康,对健康的影响,它有一个很强的吸引力,一个大量的人。[翻译]
The artificial factor in the middle area of Brahmaputra, Lhasa River and Nianchu River induced relatively strong ecological degradation action.的翻译是:在中东地区的人工因素的布拉马普特拉河,拉萨河和河洪涝灾害造成生态环境的退化行动相对较强。[翻译]
3,4-dimethyl benzaldehyde elicit the strong EGA response. Benzoicacid 4-ethoxy ethy ester elicit the weak EGA response.的翻译是:3.4-二甲醚benzaldehyde引起强烈反应特惠津贴。 benzoicacid4-乙氧基喹啉ethy酯引起反应的弱项特惠津贴。[翻译]
Every child has his individual strong points, and we must guide him by circumstances to let him develop his talents.的翻译是:每个儿童有他的个人优势,我们必须指导他的情况下,让他发展他的才能。[翻译]

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