求翻译: The data revealed for the first time the strong signal of the effect that the scientists were searching for -- a so-called "mixing angle" named theta one third, a new type for neutrino oscillation, he said 是什么意思?
参考翻译1: 数据显示,第一次的效果强烈的信号,科学家们正在寻找一个所谓的"混合角”命名theta三分之一,一个新类型的中微子振荡,他说 参考翻译3: 数据揭示第一次强烈的信号,科学家们正在寻找 — — 所谓"混合角"命名 theta 三分之一,为中微子振荡,一种新型的影响的他说 参考翻译5: 数据显示,在第一时间为强信号的影响,科学家们正在寻求——所谓的“混合角”命名的论旨三分之一,一个新的类型的中微子振荡,他说
Official denies 'secret detention' in China的翻译是:官方否认“秘密拘留”在中国[翻译]
BEIJING/SHENZHEN - Chinese and American physicists have made a pivotal breakthrough in the study of neutrinos, which may explain the predominance of matter over antimatter in the universe的翻译是:北京/深圳-中国和美国物理学家提出了一个关键的研究中取得突破的中微子,这可以解释的主导地位的问题,反物质在宇宙[翻译]
The research on the subatomic particles, which was conducted at a nuclear power plant in south China, is expected to define the future of particle physics的翻译是:这项研究在解析出,这是在进行一个核电站在南中国,预计未来的粒子物理学的定义[翻译]
The findings come from the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment, which was conducted close to the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station in Guangdong Province的翻译是:该结果来自大亚湾反应堆中微子实验,进行关闭,大亚湾核电站在广东省省[翻译]
Based on data collected from two powerful nuclear reactors, multinational scientists have been able to confirm and measure a third type of neutrino oscillation, Wang Yifang, a co-spokesperson for the experiment and head of the Institute of High Energy Ph的翻译是:根据所收集到的数据两个强大的核动力反应堆,多国科学家已经能够确认和测量第三种类型的中微子振荡,王义方,一个共同的发言人和研究所所长的实验高能物理(ihep)在中国科学院学部),在会见记者时表示,北京[翻译]
Neutrinos, the wispy particles that flooded the universe in the earliest moments after the Big Bang, are continually produced in the hearts of stars and and other nuclear reactions的翻译是:中微子是宇宙的搜索颗粒,被淹没在大爆炸后第一时间,不断的心目中产生的反应之星和和其他核[翻译]
Traveling at close to the speed of light, the three basic neutrino "flavors" -- electron, muon, and tau neutrinos, as well as their corresponding antineutrinos -- mix together and oscillate的翻译是:行驶在接近光速的三个基本中微子“滋味”―――电子、年,头中微子,以及其相应antineutrinos--和振荡混合在一起[翻译]
This activity, however, is extremely difficult to detect的翻译是:这项活动,但是,是极难检测[翻译]
Two types of oscillation, solar and atmospheric neutrino oscillation, were confirmed in experiments conducted in the 1960s and 1990s, while the third type of oscillation had not been detected prior to the Daya Bay experiment的翻译是:两种类型的振荡,太阳能和大气中微子振荡,在进行的试验证实了1960年代和1990年代,而第三种类型的振荡并未检测到的大亚湾实验之前[翻译]
From last December, the scientists in the Daya Bay experiment observed tens of thousands of interactions of electron antineutrinos caught by six detectors installed in the mountains adjacent to the powerful nuclear reactors, Wang said的翻译是:从去年12月,在大亚湾实验的科学家观察到数以万计的电子互动antineutrinos捕获到的六个探测器安装在相邻的山的强大的核反应器,王在希说[翻译]
The data revealed for the first time the strong signal of the effect that the scientists were searching for -- a so-called "mixing angle" named theta one third, a new type for neutrino oscillation, he said的翻译是:数据显示,第一次的效果强烈的信号,科学家们正在寻找一个所谓的"混合角”命名theta三分之一,一个新类型的中微子振荡,他说[翻译]
"It is surprisingly large," Wang said的翻译是:他说:「它大得惊人,”王说[翻译]
"Our precise measurement will complete the understanding of the neutrino oscillation and pave the way for the future understanding of matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe的翻译是:“我们精确的测量将完成的中微子振荡的理解铺平道路,为未来的路向问题的理解的宇宙反物质的不对称[翻译]
" Scientists believe the intense heat of the Big Bang should have forged equal amounts of matter and its "mirror image" antimatter的翻译是:” 科学家们认为宇宙大爆炸发生的大量的热应平等的物质数量,建立了深厚的“镜像”反物质[翻译]
But as we live in a universe composed overwhelmingly of matter today, physicists have been puzzled by the apparent "disappearance" of antimatter的翻译是:但是,正如我们生活在一个组成宇宙的绝大多数问题今天,物理学家迷惑不解的明显的"失踪"的反物质[翻译]
The findings have been submitted to the Physical Review Letters for publication, Wang said的翻译是:他们取得的结果已提交给《物理评论通讯以供出版,王在希说[翻译]
Chinese physicists proposed to look for the third type of neutrino oscillation by studying neutrinos produced by nuclear reactors and measure the amplitude of the oscillation due to the least-known mixing angle denoted by theta one-three, said Zhao Guang的翻译是:中国物理学家提出,寻找第三种类型的中微子中微子振荡所产生的学习的幅度测量核电站的反应堆,由于振动的最著名的混合角θ表示一个,说赵光大,一个中科院的院士和主任一般的中国高能物理学会[翻译]
Zhao said the value of theta one-three would "determine the future of particle physics的翻译是:赵启正说,值的热阻一个三个“确定粒子物理学的未来[翻译]
" "The mystery of why antimatter disappears can be solved," Zhao said的翻译是:”“ 为什么反物质消失之谜的解决”,赵启正说[翻译]
Co-spokesperson Kam-Biu Luk, a lead physicist at the U的翻译是:合作kam-biu发言人陆,一个导致物理学家在u[翻译]

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