求翻译: "If you believe in the Eight Characters, you hope for good luck;if you believe in geomancy, you hope to beneht from the location of your ancestral graves. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 农会争取中农入会,向他们多作解释工作,是完全必要的。 参考翻译1: "如果你相信了八个字符,您希望的好运气;如果你相信风水,您希望您的位置从beneht祖先的墓地。 参考翻译2: :“如果你相信8个字符,您希望好运;如果你相信风水,您希望的位置beneht从祖先的坟墓。 参考翻译3: "如果你相信八个字符,您希望好运 ; 如果你相信风水,你希望 beneht 从你们祖先的坟墓的位置。 参考翻译5: "如果你相信这八个字,你希望为好运;如果你相信风水,你希望beneht的位置,你的祖先的坟墓。
"Housing prices are so high and everything is expensive in the city. Marrying a rich man equals a good marriage," he said.的翻译是:"住房价格那么高,一切都是高的城市中。 娶一个有钱的男人等于美好的婚姻,"他说。[翻译]
Jean-Paul Sartre: In order to act in good faith and be true to itself, the chicken found it necessary to cross the road.的翻译是:让-保罗·萨特:为了真诚地行事,并真实面对自我,发现有必要对鸡过马路。[翻译]
You have done an excellent job in maintaining good order in the Vietnamese migrant detention centres and implementing the Orderly Repatriation Programme.的翻译是:您所做的出色工作,保持良好的秩序在越南船民羁留中心,推行有秩序遣返计划。[翻译]
The bidirectional hybrid fibre coax (HFC) net is a good method for the traditional CATV broadcasting to carry out the bidirection.的翻译是:这种双向混合光纤同轴(hfc)网是一个很好的方法,使传统catv广播进行双向。[翻译]
In Chinese drug preparation, attention should be paid to good strains of crude drugs, preparation forms, accessories, production techniques and modernized quality control standards.的翻译是:在中国药品制剂,还应该注意药物的原油品种好,准备形式、配件、生产技术和现代化质量控制标准。[翻译]
Good relations with Iran are worth sacrificing for the bigger aim of preventing a chain reaction of proliferation across the Middle East.的翻译是:良好的关系,伊朗的大目标是值得牺牲的一个连锁反应的防止扩散在整个中东地区。[翻译]
This resin has high mechanical strength and higher elongation, weathering good view of hand for the production of ordinary paste molded fiberglass products.的翻译是:这种树脂具有高机械强度和高延伸率和良好的景观的风化的模制生产的普通粘贴玻璃纤维制品。[翻译]
The absence of Santana in the AL East is also good news for the Blue Jays, who may be ready to compete for the division title.的翻译是:没有桑塔纳在阿尔东也有一些好消息,蓝鸟队的比赛上,他们可能会为该司标题竞争的准备。[翻译]
He represented the spirit of good cheer on Christmas, and is reflected in the "Ghost of Christmas Present" in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.的翻译是:他所代表的精神上的快乐圣诞节,这反映在"鬼的圣诞礼物"的圣诞颂歌的查尔斯·狄更斯。[翻译]
With excellent angular resolution, good energy resolution and broad energy band, theChandra ACIS is so far the best instrument for studying the X-ray halos.的翻译是:出色的角分辨率,分辨率和广泛能源能源带,thechandra货物信息预报系统是迄今为止,最佳手段研究x射线是神圣的。[翻译]
"If you believe in the Eight Characters, you hope for good luck;if you believe in geomancy, you hope to beneht from the location of your ancestral graves.的翻译是:"如果你相信了八个字符,您希望的好运气;如果你相信风水,您希望您的位置从beneht祖先的墓地。[翻译]
Conclusion:Nail groove plasty has less trauma,good effect,low recurrence rate and sure prostecdtive efficacy,it is an ideal operative mode to treat acronyx.的翻译是:结论:指甲凹槽plasty创伤较少,效果良好,低重复率和确保prostecdtive功效,它是一个理想模式,执行部分acronyx对待。[翻译]
Results:Among the968cases,GlasgowComa Scale(GCS):6~8762cases,good recovery472cases(61.94%),moderate disability216(28.34%),severe disability41cases(5.38%),vegetative6cases(0.78%),death27cases(3.54%).的翻译是:结果:在这968宗个案,glasgowcoma标尺(gc):6 ~8762情况 下,恢复 良好472案 例(61.94%),中度残疾216(28.34所%),造成严重残疾41情况下(5.38%),植被6情况下(0.78%),死亡27例(3.54%)。[翻译]
The mother went to great lengths to provide her children with good education, to enable them to find their feet in a crowd.的翻译是:母亲很大的篇幅来她的子女,提供良好的教育,使他们能够找到他们的脚在一个人群。[翻译]
2)Pitch and cement have good effect on the adhesion strength of the castable,and the optimum addition of cement is 2.5% and that of pitch is 2%;的翻译是:2)间距和水泥有良好的影响的可强制转换的附着强度的,除了和最佳的水泥是2.5%,而间距是2%;[翻译]
This parer gives avery simple design method of rabust and decoupling control system,which is shownthat the effect is very good by a lot of physical experiments.的翻译是:这使parerrabust埃弗里简单的设计方法和去耦控制系统,是的shownthat效果非常好,很多的物理实验。[翻译]
Waterborne UV curable leather finishing has good polish and tactility, because it has better affinity for leather surface than solventborne finishing.的翻译是:对于各种水性uv固化皮革表面处理有很好的波兰语和保暖效果,因为它具有更好的亲和性的皮革表面比solventborne修整。[翻译]
And Gideon the son of Joash died in a good old age, and was buried in the sepulchre of Joash his father, in Ophrah of the Abiezrites.的翻译是:基甸的儿子约阿施死在一个良好、葬在他父親約阿施的墳墓裡、在亚比以谢族的年紀老邁。[翻译]
It is proved that making good use of CICS-supplied techniques in each phase of developing CICS application system can greatly improve the performence of CICS application system.的翻译是:它是利用好证明,cics提供每个阶段的开发技术在cics应用系统可以极大的提高系统的性能表现均属上乘的cics应用程序。[翻译]
The mole ratio of PMALM block to PSF block calculated from TGA has a good agreement with the result calculated from 1H-NMR.的翻译是:痣的比率pmalm块到psf块从tga有一个很好的协议来计算与计算结果从1h的核磁共振[翻译]

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