求翻译: Hadacheck involved a Los Angeles city ordinance making it unlawful to operate a brickyard within certain portions of the city 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 洛杉矶市的一项法规规定在该城市某些特定的地区建砖厂是非法的。 参考翻译1: hadacheck涉及一名洛杉矶市条例》使其非法经营一个家砖厂,在某些部分的城市。 参考翻译2: Hadacheck涉及洛杉矶城市条例使其非法经营一个砖厂在城市的某些部分 参考翻译3: Hadacheck 参与制作非法经营城市的某些部分范围内砖厂的洛杉矶市条例 参考翻译4: hadacheck涉及的洛杉矶市条例,即属违法经营砖厂内的某些部分城市 参考翻译5: 哈达切克参与洛城条例砖厂是非法的在某些部分的城市
molal solution are normally used when the physical properties of solutions, such as vapor pressure, freezing point and boiling point, are involved 的翻译是:molal解决方案时通常使用的物理属性的解决方案,如蒸汽压力、冰点和沸点都参与[翻译]
Hence, there is less reason for courts to apply preemption doctrines expansively when agency regulations are involved 的翻译是:因此,更没有理由向法院申请抢占理论时开阔参与机构间规例[翻译]
As you read this book you are certainly involved in all three processes. as you turn each page, you execute momentum transfer. 的翻译是:在您阅读这本书您当然涉及所有三个过程中,每个页面,您需要执行动力传输。[翻译]
The replication operation failed because of a schema mismatch between the servers involved. 的翻译是:复制操作失败,原因是一个架构不匹配所涉及的服务器之间。[翻译]
Microbial growth in foods can result in either preservation or spoilage, depending on the microorganisms involved and the food storage conditions. 的翻译是:在食品微生物增长可以导致保全或腐烂,这取决于所涉及的微生物和食品储存条件。[翻译]
If the driver is outside the car and the police believe he or she is involved in criminal activity, then they may legally search for weapons. 的翻译是:如果该驱动程序是外面的车和警察相信他或她是参与犯罪活动,然后,他们可以依法搜查武器。[翻译]
A young stowaway aboard a whaler becomes involved in a mutiny, then in a storm which claims the lives of almost the entire ship’s company 的翻译是:一个年轻偷渡者上船一个捕鲸者之家将成为参与一次叛乱,然后在一个风暴中,生活的要求几乎全船的公司[翻译]
A similar but somewhat more involved derivation can be used to establish the shearing strains 的翻译是:一个类似的但有点更多地参与“派生”可用于建立剪切压力[翻译]
"On the village green, where you pick up sides and no feeling of local patriotism is involved. " 的翻译是:"的乡村绿色上,在你拿起两侧和没有感觉的地方爱国主义。 "[翻译]
To get involved in a conflict, trouble, etc. 的翻译是:卷入冲突、故障、等。[翻译]
Hadacheck involved a Los Angeles city ordinance making it unlawful to operate a brickyard within certain portions of the city 的翻译是:hadacheck涉及一名洛杉矶市条例》使其非法经营一个家砖厂,在某些部分的城市。[翻译]
However, written reference points can help establish an atmosphere of trust, especially when many parties are involved. 的翻译是:然而,书面参考点可以有助于建立信任的气氛,特别是当多个当事方所。[翻译]
He was the black sheep of the family after he had got involved in the bank robbery. 的翻译是:他是他们家族的害群之马在他参与的银行劫案。[翻译]
Investigate discipline-violating and give due punishment to those involved 的翻译是:调查违纪违法并给予适当处罚[翻译]
The activities involved in clinic test or evaluation shall be in conformity of the provisions of the State Drug Administration. 的翻译是:所涉及的活动在临床检验或评估应在符合国家规定的药品监督管理局。[翻译]
due to the mathematics involved, the bigger the dome, the more energy efficient and materials efficient it becomes. 的翻译是:由于涉及的数学基础知识,更多的球型摄像机,更多的能源效率和材料效率就越高。[翻译]
Whoever illegally takes over another person's property in the latter's custody, and the amount involved is relatively large, and refuses to return it 的翻译是:凡非法接管另一人的财产的监护权、涉及的金额相对较大,并拒绝将其返回[翻译]
WHAT IS involved here is the extreme case of selection, termed competitive exclosure, ecological exclosure, mutual exclosure or similarity 的翻译是:这里所涉及的是极端的情况,所谓竞争exclosure、生态exclosure、相互exclosure或相似性[翻译]
I’ve ALSO observed that he is very actively involved in organizing and participating in several extracurricular activities. 的翻译是:我也注意到,他正在非常积极地参与组织和参加一些课外活动。[翻译]
Explosion vents may not be required where small quantities of hydrogen are involved. 的翻译是:防爆通风孔可能并不需要,小批量的氢气。[翻译]

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