求翻译: The Ph.D. candidate has presumably discussed the area of his research with his supervisor. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 这个博士研究生被认为已经和他的导师讨论过研究领域了。 参考翻译1: Ph.D候选人与他的监督员据推测谈论了他的研究范围。 参考翻译3: html>body>h1>TranslateApiException/h1>p>Method: Translate()/p>p>Message: AppId is over the quota/p>code>/code>p>message id=0728.V2_Rest.Translate.36EC1AEC/p>/body>/html> 参考翻译4: 博士学位候选人大概已经讨论了与他的上司,他的研究领域。
You can perform a bitwise AND, OR and XOR, but you can't perform a bitwise NOT (presumably to prevent confusion with the logical NOT). 的翻译是:您可逐位执行和或者和XOR,但是您不可能逐位执行a没有(据推测防止与逻辑的混乱没有)。[翻译]
This means that there was more money and, presumably, less poverty. 的翻译是:这意味着有更多金钱,并且,据推测,较少贫穷。[翻译]
The Russians were liars and cheaters, with whom one presumably could not deal (except in grain). 的翻译是:俄国人是说谎者和骗子,一个不可能据推测处理(除了在五谷)。[翻译]
The third change, from guerrilla to regular warfare against Japan, belongs to the future development of the war, which will presumably give rise to new circumstances and new difficulties.We need not discuss it now. 的翻译是:第三变动,从游击队员对反对日本的规则战争,属于战争的未来发展,据推测将提升新的情况和新的困难。我们不需要现在谈论它。[翻译]
She had a debut after the Armistice, and in February she was presumably engaged to a man from New Orleans. 的翻译是:她有首演在停战以后,并且在2月她据推测订了婚给从新奥尔良的一个人。[翻译]
The rest presumably have a hereditary basis or arise from spontaneous metabolic events. 的翻译是:休息据推测有一个遗传性依据或从自发新陈代谢的事件出现。[翻译]
Yet Freud continued to advocate the use of cocaine in morphinism, presumably on the basis that (as had been reported by others) it was beneficial in selected cases. 的翻译是:弗洛伊德被继续主张使用在morphinism的可卡因,据推测,根据(由其他报告了)是有利的在选择的案件。[翻译]
Diagnosis of an infectious disease at an early stage by exposing a presumably infected individual or tissue to a clean, laboratory-bred mosquito, tick, or other vector and then examining the vector for the presence of the infective microorganism. 的翻译是:传染病的诊断在早期通过暴露一个据推测被传染的个体或组织在一只干净,实验室养殖的蚊子、壁虱,或者其他传染媒介然后审查传染性微生物的出现的传染媒介。[翻译]
Presumably, Congress felt the risk of an erroneous denial of suspension to be less severe or the urgency of pollution control to be greater than did Judge Levanthal. 的翻译是:据推测,国会比判断了Levanthal感觉错误否认停止是较不严厉的或的污染控制紧急的风险伟大。[翻译]
Presumably this is no Communist fabrication, for many Kuomintang members and I myself personally witnessed the adoption of the manifesto. 的翻译是:据推测这是没有共产主义制造,为了许多国民党成员和我自己亲自目击了宣言的采用。[翻译]
The Ph.D. candidate has presumably discussed the area of his research with his supervisor. 的翻译是:Ph.D候选人与他的监督员据推测谈论了他的研究范围。[翻译]
"Presumably, this task is not limited to Hong Kong." 的翻译是:" 据推测,这项任务没有被限制到香港。"[翻译]
Apart from this, I sent you a telegram on August 13 in reply to your order to me of August 11, and presumably you have received it. 的翻译是:除此外,我发您8月13日的一份电报以回复您的顺序到我8月11日,并且您据推测接受了它。[翻译]
Presumably the bad weather has delayed the train. 的翻译是:据推测恶劣天气延迟了火车。[翻译]
Beneath the ash--and presumably at least as old--the researchers found a layer of ice at least 300 feet thick. 的翻译是:在灰下--并且据推测至少如老--研究员发现冰层数至少300英尺厚实。[翻译]
Presumably that doesn't matter they are all valid with proper transmission. 的翻译是:据推测那不重要他们对适当的传输是全部合法的。[翻译]
(5) But since the local-food movement looks suspiciously like old-fashioned protectionism masquerading[3] as concern for the environment, helping poor countries is presumably not the point. 的翻译是:(5),但是,因为可疑看起来古板的保护主义化妆[3]象环境的关心的地方食物运动,帮助穷国据推测不是点。[翻译]
presumably angle 的翻译是:据推测角度[翻译]
She is aware of the difficulties, presumably? 的翻译是:她知道困难,据推测?[翻译]
The extra ice presumably translates into higher sea level. But how much this is raising the level of the oceans isn't known. 的翻译是:额外冰据推测翻译成更高的海平面。但是多少这培养海洋的水平不知道。[翻译]

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