求翻译: - To minimize the adverse effects of United Nations economic sanctions on innocent populations, to subject such sanctions regimes to regular reviews and to eliminate the adverse effects of sanctions on third parties. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: - 尽量减少联合国经济制裁对无辜百姓的不利影响,定期审查制裁制度,以及消除制裁对第三方的不利影响。 参考翻译1: -使联合国经济制裁减到最小的不利影响对无辜的人口,服从这样认可政权到规则回顾和消灭认可的不利影响对第三方。 参考翻译2: ——减少不利影响的联合国经济制裁无辜民众,主题这样的制裁制度,定期回顾并消除其不利影响第三方的制裁。 参考翻译3: -到尽量减少联合国经济制裁对无辜的人民,向主题这种不利影响的制裁制度定期进行审查,并消除对第三方的制裁的不利影响。 参考翻译4: - 尽量减少联合国经济制裁对无辜百姓的不利影响,定期审查制裁制度,并消除制裁对第三方的不利影响。
Will the sanctions have any effect? 的翻译是:认可是否将有任何作用?[翻译]
Then the French criticized the Garman preference for inducements over sanctions as a response to the Polish crisis. 的翻译是:然后法国人批评了引诱的加曼特选在认可作为对波兰危机的一个反应。[翻译]
Article 30 Administrative sanctions shall be applied to those who have committed any of the following acts: 的翻译是:第30行政处分将被实行于犯了以下行动中的任一次的那些人:[翻译]
the responsible persons concerned sha1l be subjected to administrative sanctions by the unit where they work or by the competent departments at higher levels. 的翻译是:负责任的人有关sha1l被服从对行政处分由他们工作或在能干部门旁边在更高的水平的单位。[翻译]
§ 558. Imposition of sanctions; 的翻译是:§ 558。认可的税收;[翻译]
Article 64 In case a person violates any provision of this Law, and thus shall be subjected to administrative sanctions according to law, the provisions of relevant laws and regulations shall be applied except as otherwise provided for in this Law. 的翻译是:第64,万一人违犯这法律所有供应,和将因而被服从对行政处分根据法律,有关法律供应,并且章程将是应用的,除了如否则所提供在这法律。[翻译]
Any unit that has committed one of the following acts shall be given administrative sanctions in accordance with the following provisions: 的翻译是:犯了以下行动之一的所有单位将被给行政处分符合以下供应:[翻译]
And if the circumstances are serious, persons held directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions by the organs at higher levels or the units they belong to. 的翻译是:并且,如果情况是严肃的,他们属于的人对负直接负责将由在更高的水平或单位的器官给行政处分。[翻译]
campaign to have sanctions imposed 的翻译是:竞选安排制裁被施行[翻译]
across-the-board pay increases; an all-embracing definition; blanket sanctions against human-rights violators; an invention with broad applications; a panoptic study of Soviet nationality- T.G.Winner; granted him wide powers. 的翻译是:全面薪水增量;一个无所不包定义;对人权利违背者的毯子制裁;与宽广的应用的一个发明;苏联国籍T.G.Winner的一项显示全貌的研究;给予他宽权力。[翻译]
- To minimize the adverse effects of United Nations economic sanctions on innocent populations, to subject such sanctions regimes to regular reviews and to eliminate the adverse effects of sanctions on third parties. 的翻译是:-使联合国经济制裁减到最小的不利影响对无辜的人口,服从这样认可政权到规则回顾和消灭认可的不利影响对第三方。[翻译]
Bullying, forcing unacceptable demands on the other through constant threats of trade sanctions and even actually imposing sanctions will not help solve problems but cause damage to the interests of both sides. 的翻译是:胁迫,强迫在另一边的不能接受的要求通过商业认可和实际上甚而强加的认可恒定的威胁不会帮助解决问题,而是对双方的兴趣的原因损伤。[翻译]
There was no consensus on whether to pressure the Polish authorities, the Soviets or both, on which sanctions to apply or even on whether any sanctions could be more effective than bargaining with financial aid. 的翻译是:是否没有公众舆论打开迫使波兰当局,苏维埃或者两个,认可申请甚至任何认可是否比讲价可能有效与经济援助。[翻译]
The Group of Seven summit meeting held in Paris adopted a resolution imposing sanctions on China, which meant they thought they had supreme authority and could impose sanctions on any country and people not obedient to their wishes. 的翻译是:七国集团峰会举行在巴黎采取了向中国的决议强加的制裁,意味他们认为他们有极度权威,并且可能施行制裁给所有国家和人民不服从对他们的愿望。[翻译]
If there is nothing else we're good at, we're good at withstanding sanctions. 的翻译是:如果有没什么我们是好在,我们在承受的认可上是好。[翻译]
On the other hand, denial of review can mean that the only way a private party can have her rights and liabilities finally determined is by ignoring the agency's advice and risking civil or criminal sanctions. 的翻译是:另一方面,回顾否认可能意味唯一的方式秘密政党可能有她的权利,并且最后被确定的责任是通过忽略机构的忠告和冒民用或刑事处分的风险。[翻译]
Orders and payments under section 120 are in addition to other civil or criminal sanctions which may be imposed under the Act or state or local law. 的翻译是:命令和付款在第120部分下是除也许实行在行动下或状态或者当地法律的其他民用或刑事处分之外。[翻译]
If a water pollution accident is relatively serious, the persons who are responsible for the accident shall be given administrative sanctions by the unit to which they belong or by the competent department at a higher level. 的翻译是:如果水污染事故是相对地严肃的,负责事故的人将由他们由能干部门属于或在高水平的单位给行政处分。[翻译]
For any of the following acts, which is not grave enough to constitute a crime, the departments in charge shall, in the light of specific situations, subject the relevant leaders or persons directly responsible to administrative sanctions: 的翻译是:对任何以下行动,不是足够严重的构成犯罪,部门负责,根据具体情况,将服从直接负责相关的领导或的人对行政处分:[翻译]
Don't ever expect China to beg the United States to lift the sanctions. 的翻译是:不要盼望中国乞求美国取消制裁。[翻译]

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