求翻译: Lerner, George. "To Us, Women's Liberation is the Unveiling of the Mind." The Progressive (April 1992): 32-35. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 对我们而言,妇女的解放运动就是揭开心灵面纱〉《进步》(1992年4月)∶32-35. 参考翻译1: Lerner,乔治。" 对我们来说,妇女的解放是揭幕Mind."进步(1992 4月) :32-35. 参考翻译2: 勒纳,乔治。:“对我们而言,妇女的解放运动就是揭开心灵。“;进步(1992年4月):32 - 35。 参考翻译3: html>body>h1>TranslateApiException/h1>p>Method: Translate()/p>p>Message: AppId is over the quota/p>code>/code>p>message id=0818.V2_Rest.Translate.3766D2DD/p>/body>/html>
The event will also allow the unveiling of the true dharma to the people, in turn allowing the construction of a new world. 的翻译是:事件也将允许真实的dharma给人民,反过来允许一个新的世界的建筑的揭幕。[翻译]
At the 1983 Paris Motor Show, sixty years after the launch of the R 32, BMW once again demonstrates its motorcycle expertise by unveiling the K 100 Series. 的翻译是:在1983年巴黎汽车展示会,六十年,在R 32, BMW的发射通过揭幕K再次展示它的摩托车专门技术后100系列。[翻译]
To Stride toward the Core Objective of Building A Modern Commercial Bank——Speech by Dr. Jiang Jianqing, General Director of ICBC, at the Unveiling Ceremony of ICBC Co. Ltd. 的翻译是:大踏步走往建立现代商业银行讲话核心宗旨由姜建清博士, ICBC的主任,在ICBC有限公司Co.揭幕仪式。[翻译]
LOS ANGELES( Reuters)- Sony Corp threw down the gauntlet to handheld video game leader Nintendo Co Ltd on Tuesday, unveiling its new PlayStation Portable( PSP) with far-reaching multimedia capabilities. 的翻译是:洛杉矶(路透社)在星期二, - Sony Corp投掷了在笞刑下对手扶的电子游戏领导人任天堂Co有限公司,推出它新的PlayStation便携式(PSP)以广远的多媒体能力。[翻译]
On Sep.21, the agreement signing and unveiling ceremony for the Yale-PKU Joint Research Center for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology was held in Yingjie Exchange Center. 的翻译是:在Sep.21,签字和耶鲁PKU联合研究中心的协议揭幕仪式微电子学和纳米技术在Yingjie交换中心举行了。[翻译]
Beijing is now unveiling what it hopes will be a multibillion-dollar solution to the problem. 的翻译是:北京现在揭幕什么它希望将是一种几百亿元的解答对问题。[翻译]
Mr Howard's attempt to sidestep the turmoil yesterday by unveiling election plans to help working mums was quickly overshadowed. 的翻译是:帮助工作妈咪迅速投上了阴影霍华德先生的尝试由揭幕竞选计划昨天回避动乱。[翻译]
The first glimpse of this transition came at the New York International Motor Show in April 2003, with the unveiling of the HPX. 的翻译是:这转折第一次瞥见来了在纽约国际汽车展示会在与揭幕的2003年4月, HPX。[翻译]
Do Brom and Adams see themselves as “liberators” by unveiling of a system like Microwulf? 的翻译是:Brom是否和亚当斯看见自己作为“救星”通过揭幕象Microwulf的一个系统?[翻译]
With swift touches and subtle colors, his paintings are mystery inducing, yet still controllable in the unveiling of passion. 的翻译是:快速接触和微妙的颜色,他的绘画是导致的奥秘,可控制在揭幕激情。[翻译]
Lerner, George. "To Us, Women's Liberation is the Unveiling of the Mind." The Progressive (April 1992): 32-35. 的翻译是:Lerner,乔治。" 对我们来说,妇女的解放是揭幕Mind."进步(1992 4月) :32-35.[翻译]
A celebration of the unveiling of the name tablet of Jinde Charities and the tenth anniversary of Vocation and Education Fund (VEF) had been held on July 11-12, 2006 in Beifang Grand Hotel, Shijiazhuang City. 的翻译是:揭幕的庆祝金德慈善和职业第十周年名字片剂和教育基金(VEF)举行了2006年7月11-12,在Beifang格兰酒店,石家庄市。[翻译]
With melodious jazz playing in the background, professional dancers gently removed the white cover, unveiling two “steeds” before spectator′s eyes.? 的翻译是:当旋律美妙爵士乐使用在背景中,专业舞蹈家轻轻地去除了白色盖子,揭幕两个“马”在观众的′ s前注视。?[翻译]
make less rigid or softer. 的翻译是:使较不刚性或更软。[翻译]
I prefer the noodles to be a little softer, 的翻译是:我更喜欢面条是更软的一点,[翻译]
Dantès rose, advanced a few steps, and, with a fervent prayer of gratitude, stretched himself on the granite. which seemed to him softer than down. 的翻译是:Dantès在花岗岩上升了,推进一些步,并且,当谢意一个慷慨激昂的祷告,被舒展自己。哪些似乎给他软软地比下来。[翻译]
Her breast, with its badge of shame, was but the softer pillow for the head that needed one. 的翻译是:她的乳房,有羞辱它的徽章的,是,但是需要一的头的更软的枕头。[翻译]
But they still know how to use their softer side to make a point. 的翻译是:但是他们仍然会使用他们更软的边提出观点。[翻译]
being or made softer or less loud or clear. 的翻译是:是或较不大声或清楚地使更软或。[翻译]
In brighter light and softer airs, 的翻译是:在更加明亮的光和更软宣扬,[翻译]

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