求翻译: There are232 faculties,135 people holding senior academic titles including45 professors and32 doctoral supervisors. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 现有教职工232人,具有高级职称的专家135人,教授45人,博士生导师32人。 参考翻译1: 那里are232教职员,拿着资深院的135个人题为including45教授and32博士监督员。 参考翻译2: are232有能力,高级职称135人持有and32 including45教授,博士生导师。 参考翻译3: 有 are232 系、 持有 including45 教授 and32 博士生导师队伍的高级学术职称 135 人。 参考翻译4: are232学院,135人,高级职称and32 including45教授,博士生导师。
When carrying out their duties, the medicine supervisors are required to present their credentials before they take sample testing and ask for relevant technical data, with a receipt in accordance with the state stipulations. 的翻译是:当进行他们的责任时,要求医学监督员提出他们的证件,在他们采取样品测试并且请求相关的技术数据前,与收据符合状态规定。[翻译]
However, a policy of freely authorizing staff members to give binding advice to the public would create a risk that important policy issues would be decided by low level employees without adequate analysis, investigation, or review by supervisors. 的翻译是:然而,自由批准职员政策提约束建议公众将创造一种风险重要政策问题将由低级雇员决定,不用充分分析、调查或者回顾由监督员。[翻译]
Next, a member of the Board of Supervisors encouraged chopping limbs off trees where the homeless had taken refuge. 的翻译是:其次,县议会的成员鼓励了砍肢体无家可归者避难的树。[翻译]
Managers and supervisors, staff involved in making, implementing and appraising objectives. 的翻译是:经理和监督员,给介入雇用职员制造,实施和估价宗旨。[翻译]
The supervisors and inspectors of the departments in charge of the coal industry and other relevant departments shall show their papers before they carry out supervision and inspection. 的翻译是:在他们进行监督和检查前,部门和其他相关的部门的监督员和审查员负责煤炭工业的将显示他们的资料。[翻译]
Through his nobles and officials, led by the vizier, he imposed law and economic order throughout the land, employing a large army of priestly clerks called scribes as supervisors. 的翻译是:通过他的贵族和官员,带领由大臣,他强加了法律,并且在土地中的经济秩序,雇用教士的干事一支大军队叫抄写员作为监督员。[翻译]
SEANZA forum of bank supervisors 的翻译是:银行监督员SEANZA论坛[翻译]
electoral supervisors 的翻译是:选举监督员[翻译]
The nation's public elementary schools employ 1.2 million teachers -- well over half of them women -- and several thousand principals and supervisors. 的翻译是:国家的公开小学雇用1.2百万位老师--远远超出一半他们妇女--并且数千位校长和监督员。[翻译]
Summary: Directs accounting activities of Qingdao project by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors. 的翻译是:总结:指挥青岛项目的会计活动通过尽个人以下职责或通过下级监督员。[翻译]
There are232 faculties,135 people holding senior academic titles including45 professors and32 doctoral supervisors. 的翻译是:那里are232教职员,拿着资深院的135个人题为including45教授and32博士监督员。[翻译]
The board of directors and the supervisory board shall report to the shareholder meetings the performance of the directors and the supervisors, the results of the assessment of their work and their compensation, and shall disclose such information. 的翻译是:理事和监督理事会向股东会议报告主任的表现和监督员、对他们的工作的评估的结果和他们的报偿和透露这样信息。[翻译]
We have some excellent technologists and supervisors, and the technology power is very strong. 的翻译是:我们有一些优秀工艺师和监督员,并且技术力量是非常强的。[翻译]
coaching of supervisors 的翻译是:教练监督员[翻译]
Government Supplies Supervisors Association 的翻译是:政府供应监督员协会[翻译]
"Directors, supervisors and the manager of a company shall report to that company all the shares that he holds in the company, and may not transfer them during his term of office." 的翻译是:" 主任、监督员和公司的经理向那家公司报告所有份额他在公司中举行,在他的office.&quot期间的期间并且可能不转移他们;[翻译]
The impact of asset back securities andpotential capital arbitrage on the risk profile of a bankdemands close attention of supervisors. 的翻译是:财产后面安全andpotential资本套利的冲击对监督员的bankdemands密切注意的风险预测。[翻译]
The supervisors shall have the right to request to record in the minute's explanatory notes to their statements in the meetings. 的翻译是:监督员在分钟的注解在会议将需要请求的权利记录到他们的声明。[翻译]
And now he's promised the forewomen and supervisors a dollar for every girl they get to go back to work - don't you think that's a cheek?" 的翻译是:并且他现在许诺了他们得到回去工作-的女监工和监督员每美元每个女孩的是面颊的您是否不认为?"[翻译]
He had made all his arrangements down to the last detail, and he was well satisfied with the results achieved by the forewomen and supervisors in a hard night's work. 的翻译是:他做了所有他的安排下来对最后细节,并且他是称心如意的与女监工和监督员取得的结果坚硬夜的工作的。[翻译]

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