求翻译: Clinical Analysis on Electroencephalogram and Cranial CT of Sporadic Viral Cerebritis in E'xi Area 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 鄂西山区散发性病毒性脑炎脑电图头颅CT与临床分析 参考翻译1: 在脑电图和分散病毒Cerebritis头盖骨CT的临床分析在E'xi地区 参考翻译2: 临床分析在脑电图和颅CT的零星病毒性脑炎在E 'xi区 参考翻译3: 脑电图和头颅 CT 的鄂西山区散发性病毒性脑炎的临床分析
KLF6 gene may be involved in carcinogenesis of sporadic NPC. 的翻译是:KLF6基因在分散全国人民代表大会致癌作用也许介入。[翻译]
Only the least-commercialized rural areas remained little affected by the serpentine path of war and the sporadic flows of wartime commerce. 的翻译是:仅最少商业化的乡区依然是战争和战时商务分散流程的蜒蜒道路影响的一点。[翻译]
The sporadic drug-dealing is a branch of staple drng-dealing,which is the last step closely related to the drug-addiction during the whole process of drug supply, transport, dealing and consumption. 的翻译是:分散药物成交是drng成交钉书针的分支,是最后步密切相关对药物瘾在药物供应,运输,成交和消耗量中的整个过程。[翻译]
An ammunition depot explosion at Lake Denmark N. J., was triggered by lightning, killing31 persons. Sporadic explosions continued for days; damage reached$93000000. 的翻译是:在湖丹麦新泽西的弹药集中处爆炸,由闪电, killing31触发人。好几天继续的分散爆炸;损伤reached$93000000。[翻译]
Over the next18 months, Richardson was handed only sporadic opportunities to prove his worth and, like so many other United youngsters, made his real mark away from Old Trafford during a loan spell. 的翻译是:在next18月期间,递了里查森仅分散机会证明他相当价值,并且,象许多其他团结的年轻人,做他远离老特拉福德的真正的标记在贷款期间拼写。[翻译]
The sporadic outbreaks of the disease have worried the researchers. 的翻译是:疾病的分散爆发让研究员担心。[翻译]
Across Iraq Thursday, there was sporadic but low-level fighting. 的翻译是:在伊拉克星期四,有分散,但是低级战斗。[翻译]
The P16 、RB、CYCLIN D1 /CDK4 、CDK6, pathway as a functional unit,deregulation of this checkpoint way represents a common step in the multistep progression of sporadic malignant tumors, as well as P16 regulation occurs via RB dependent pathway. 的翻译是:P16、RB、CYCLIN D1 /CDK4、CDK6,路作为一种功能部件,这个检查站方式的解除干预代表在分散恶瘤多步的进步的共同的步,以及P16章程通过RB受抚养者路发生。[翻译]
The most common metastatic site is the small bowel, with the jejunum slightly higher than the ileum, and there are sporadic case reports of the duodenum, esophagus, stomach, large bowel, and anus. 的翻译是:最共同的变形的站点高于回肠是小肠,有空肠的有一点,并且有十二指肠、食道、胃、大肠和肛门的分散案件报告。[翻译]
Throughanalysis of the sex,occupation and native place,it was found that thesusceptibility to Type C hepatitis and Type E hepatitis existed rathercommonly among population in Beijing area,and sporadic cases were notfew. 的翻译是:性、职业和故地,发现的Throughanalysis键入的thesusceptibility键入C肝炎和E肝炎在人口中在北京地区存在rathercommonly,并且分散案件是notfew。[翻译]
Clinical Analysis on Electroencephalogram and Cranial CT of Sporadic Viral Cerebritis in E'xi Area 的翻译是:在脑电图和分散病毒Cerebritis头盖骨CT的临床分析在E'xi地区[翻译]
On the base of sporadic record, the time of Murong Xianbei race contacted with Buddhism is after Murong Wei entered Jicheng possibly, round about the period between Murong Wei’senectitude and Murong Huang’early succession days. 的翻译是:在分散纪录基地,慕容鲜卑种族的时期与佛教接触的可能是在慕容韦进入的蓟城以后,迂回地在慕容Wei'senectitude和慕容Huang'early连续之间的期间天。[翻译]
I shall never understand the workings of an engine. 的翻译是:我不会了解引擎的工作。[翻译]
mine workings 的翻译是:矿山巷道[翻译]
DB:The electrical pulses of these fish might provide some insight into the workings of the human brain. 的翻译是:DB :电子脉冲这些鱼也许提供一些洞察入人脑的工作。[翻译]
The archdeacon had truly expressed the workings of his mind. 的翻译是:副主教真实地表达了他的头脑工作。[翻译]
The economist is interested in the workings of the economy as a whole. 的翻译是:经济学家是对整体上经济的工作感兴趣。[翻译]
the workings of the brain 的翻译是:脑子的工作[翻译]
There was plenty of coal. The old workings could not get at it, that was all. 的翻译是:有大量煤炭。老工作不能获取它,那是全部。[翻译]
She just could not keep pace with the devious workings of Huei-fang's mind. 的翻译是:她不可能跟上Huei犬齿的头脑迂回工作。[翻译]

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