求翻译: The accelerate adjusts the speed of the skin metabolism, the advance cell vigor. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 加速调节皮肤新陈代谢的速度,增加细胞活力。 参考翻译1: 加速调整皮肤新陈代谢,先遣细胞强健的速度。 参考翻译3: 加快调整皮肤代谢,预先细胞活力的速度。 参考翻译4: 的加快调整皮肤的新陈代谢的速度,提前细胞活力。
Adjusts sharpness in video images 的翻译是:调整在视频图象的锋利[翻译]
If one adjusts for the impact of this working day differences, the growth rate of Germany's GDP in second quarter (April to June) over the previous quarter is only 0.1 percent. The growth rate over same period last year is 0.2 percent. 的翻译是:如果一为这个工作日区别的冲击调整,德国的国民生产总值的增长率在二季度(对6月的4月的)在上季度只是0.1%。增长率在同样去年是0.2%。[翻译]
Key to the Carver's tilt is Dynamic Vehicle Control,which senses speed and road conditions and then adjusts the lean of the front wheel and body(up to45degrees)to optimize balance in corners. 的翻译是:卡佛的掀动的钥匙是动态车控制,感觉速度和公路状况然后调整前轮和身体的倾斜(to45degrees)优选在角落的平衡。[翻译]
Observe country law and regulation, work out enterprise financial system, Accounting method and adjusts accounts of principle. 的翻译是:遵守国家法律和章程,制定出企业财政系统,会计方法并且调整原则帐户。[翻译]
The body quickly adjusts (itself) to changes in temperature. 的翻译是:身体对在温度上的变化迅速调整(本身)。[翻译]
One method adjusts budget allowances of prior periods for changes that are expected to occur during the new budget period. 的翻译是:一个方法调整预算容限在新的预算期间,预计发生的变动的预先的期间。[翻译]
a garment (as a dress or coat) with a full length opening; adjusts to the body by wrapping around. 的翻译是:一套服装(作为礼服或外套)与一个全长开头;对身体调整通过包裹。[翻译]
Press the updown buttons and set or adjusts the value of the mode you have selected. 的翻译是:按updown按钮并且设置或者调整您选择了方式的价值。[翻译]
Key to the Carver's tilt is Dynamic Vehicle Control, which senses speed and road conditions and then adjusts the lean of the front wheel and body( up to45 degrees) to optimize balance in corners. 的翻译是:卡佛的掀动的钥匙是动态车控制,感觉速度和公路状况然后调整前轮和身体的倾斜(to45程度)优选在角落的平衡。[翻译]
The poster adjusts to the color of my living room. 的翻译是:海报对我的客厅的颜色调整。[翻译]
The accelerate adjusts the speed of the skin metabolism, the advance cell vigor. 的翻译是:加速调整皮肤新陈代谢,先遣细胞强健的速度。[翻译]
A: Could you help me adjusts the air flow? 的翻译是:A :您可能帮助我调整气流?[翻译]
1.Adjust yourself to other people's states of mind and peculiarities so that you can get along peacefully with them. Observe a dog,and learn the art of self-control by watch how quickly it adjusts itself to its master's moods. 的翻译是:对其他人民的心境的1.Adjust和特异,以便您能平安地得到与他们。观察一条狗,并且由手表学会自我控制艺术多它对它的大师的心情快调整自己。[翻译]
Using an advanced magnetic powder separator, the suspension system automatically adjusts elasticity according to the different weights of the audience members. 的翻译是:使用一台先进的磁性粉末分离器,悬浮系统根据观众成员的不同的重量自动地调整弹性。[翻译]
Sensors rotate the display from portrait to landscape as required, turn off the display to conserve power when a user lifts the phone to his ear and adjusts its brightness according to the light. 的翻译是:当用户举电话到他的耳朵并且根据光时,调整它的亮光传感器从画象转动显示环境美化如所需求,关闭显示保存力量。[翻译]
Aiming to maximize the throughput and stabilize the queue length, RLGD adjusts the update step adaptively, without the demand of knowing the rate adjustment scheme of the source sender. 的翻译是:打算最大化生产量和稳定队列长度, RLGD能适应调整更新步,不用认识来源发令者的利率调整计划需求。[翻译]
We can learn form the thesis that the traditional department store will conquer the rivals and keep sustainable success in the condition of adjusts the effective marketing strategy according to the new marketing environment. 的翻译是:我们可以学会形式论文传统百货商店将征服对手,并且保留能承受的成功在条件根据新的营销环境调整有效的销售方针。[翻译]
Additions or adjustment to bend deduction based on tooling directly adjusts the Flat. 的翻译是:弯曲扣除的加法或调整根据直接用工具加工调整舱内甲板。[翻译]
It compares wheel spin and torque and adjusts gearshift to normal, winter and hill-climb/start-off conditions. 的翻译是:它比较轮子旋转和扭矩并且对法线,冬天调整变速杆,并且小山攀登/开始情况。[翻译]
In word processing, an editing feature in which the system automatically adjusts the right hand margin for insertion or lor=# cc0066> deletion of copy during playback. 的翻译是:在文字处理,系统为插入或lor=# cc0066&gt自动地调整右手边际的一个编辑特点;拷贝的删除在放音期间的。[翻译]

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