求翻译: Conclusion: The synthesis of fixed position has a higher efficacy, there are no any complications, such as infection, nerve injury and aggravation of the symptoms. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 结论:综合定位法效果良好,无1例感染及神经损伤、状加重等并发症发生。 参考翻译1: 结论:综合固定位置有更高的效力,那里是没有所有复杂化,例如传染、神经症状的伤和恶化。 参考翻译2: 结论:合成的固定位置有一个更高的功效,没有任何并发症,如感染、神经损伤和恶化的症状。 参考翻译3: 还有一个证据: 固定位置的合成有较高的疗效,有没有任何并发症、 感染、 神经损伤等症状的恶化。 参考翻译4: 结论:合成的固定位置有较高的疗效,没有任何并发​​症,如感染,神经损伤的症状加重。
Answer: well, nobody may take it into much account, because it will be considered inauspicious. Don't you think so? 的翻译是:答复:那么,因为将被认为不吉利,没人也许采取它入帐户。您是否不如此认为?[翻译]
Either of them is inauspicious to science and philosophy. [WT5HZ] 的翻译是:之一他们是不吉利的对科学和哲学。[WT5HZ][翻译]
It was an inauspicious start, to say the least. 的翻译是:至少可以这样说它是一个不吉利的开始。[翻译]
On one occasion, which either Plutarch himself or one of his colleagues witnessed, temple authorities forced the Pythia to prophesy on an inauspicious day to please the members of an important embassy. 的翻译是:一次, Plutarch或他的一个同事被目击,寺庙当局在一不吉利的天强迫皮提亚预测取悦一个重要使馆的成员。[翻译]
Clearly, most investors have not seen higher commodity prices as inauspicious, merely as a symptom of robust global demand. 的翻译是:清楚地,多数投资者未看更高的商品价格一样不吉利,仅仅象健壮全球性需求的症状。[翻译]
When getting out my stuff only because I was sick of another fellow's face, there were couple of seconds in my head with inauspicious feelings. 的翻译是:当出去我的材料,只有因为我是病另一个家伙的面孔时,有秒钟夫妇在我的头的以不吉利的感觉。[翻译]
These inauspicious yet historically important rooms have been hidden from the public for too long. 的翻译是:这些不吉利,重要房间从公众太久历史上掩藏了。[翻译]
O Krsna I am unable to keep composed, my mind is unsteady and I see dire indications of inauspicious omens. 的翻译是:O Krsna我无法保持组成,我的头脑是不平稳的,并且我看不吉利的预兆的可怕的征兆。[翻译]
aggravation of penalty 的翻译是:惩罚的恶化[翻译]
If you try to add it on top of what you already have, it will become just another source of aggravation. 的翻译是:如果您设法增加它在什么顶部您已经有,它将成为恶化的另一个来源。[翻译]
Conclusion: The synthesis of fixed position has a higher efficacy, there are no any complications, such as infection, nerve injury and aggravation of the symptoms. 的翻译是:结论:综合固定位置有更高的效力,那里是没有所有复杂化,例如传染、神经症状的伤和恶化。[翻译]
The new secretary leave in aggravation when they mention her mistake. 的翻译是:在恶化的新的秘书事假,当他们提及她的差错。[翻译]
aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing. 的翻译是:恶化通过嘲弄或嘲笑或者批评。[翻译]
The new secretary left in aggravation when they mentioned her mistake 的翻译是:当他们提及了她的差错,新的秘书在恶化离开[翻译]
take all necessary measures to avoid aggravation of the loss or damage and minimize it to the least extent; 的翻译是:采取所有必要的措施避免损失或损伤的恶化和使它减到最小在最少程度上;[翻译]
She always had a nasty temper. At home, mother used to pamper and spoil her. She just couldn't learn to accept her in-laws' abuse. It burned her up inside; the aggravation is what finally killed her. 的翻译是:她总是有一种讨厌的脾气。在家,母亲过去常常纵容和损坏她。她不可能学会接受她的姻亲的恶习。它烧了她里面;恶化是最后被杀死她的什么。[翻译]
For individuals dealing with congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease or hypertension, consuming foods high in sodium can lead to fluid retention and aggravation of high blood pressure. 的翻译是:对于应付充血性心力衰竭、冠状动脉病或者高血压的个体,消耗的食物高在钠可能导致高血压的可变的保留和恶化。[翻译]
(2) With the aggravation of renal function, the value of [cortex – medulla IBS%] had a gradual decrease in patients. 的翻译是:(2)以肾脏作用的恶化,价值[外皮–骨髓IBS%]有在患者的逐渐减退。[翻译]
The girl's father had the truth from her with every aggravation that her violent hate could add 的翻译是:女孩的父亲有从她的真相以她的猛烈怨恨可能增加的每恶化[翻译]
the aggravation of traffic flow on the top of mountains and misleading tourists. This does not conform with the basic requirements of tourism and runs counter to the preservation of world natural and cultural heritage. 的翻译是:运输流量的恶化在山和引入歧途的游人上面的。这不遵守旅游业的基本要求并且不违反世界自然和文化遗产的保存。[翻译]

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