求翻译: About 20 passengers who protested on the Shanghai Pudong Airport tarmac last Wednesday received 1,000 yuan ($160) each in compensation from Shenzhen Airlines, double its usual standard 是什么意思?
参考翻译1: 约20名乘客在上海浦东国际机场停机坪抗议上星期三收到一千元(160美元),每个从深圳航空公司赔偿,加倍按惯常的标准 参考翻译2: 大约20名乘客的抗议活动在上海浦东机场的停机坪上星期三收到1000元(160美元),每一个以赔偿深圳航空、双其通常的标准 参考翻译3: 上海浦东新区机场停机坪抗议上周三的约 20 乘客从深圳航空,双其通常的标准补偿中收到 1000 元 (160 元) 每个 参考翻译4: 约20名乘客,上周三在上海浦东机场的停机坪上抗议收到来自深圳航空公司的赔偿1000元(160美元),其一贯的标准一倍 参考翻译5: 约20名乘客谁抗议的上海浦东机场停机坪上周三收到1000元(160美元)每一个从深圳航空公司补偿,双通常标准
Airlines promise to open more counters to effectively deal with ticket refunding and rescheduling, keep passengers informed and placate them的翻译是:航空公司承诺开放更多计数器,以有效地处理和重新安排债务偿还票,让乘客了解情况,安抚他们[翻译]
Unlike the capital airport, Shanghai's two international airports haven't signed such agreements with any airline的翻译是:与首都机场、上海的两个国际机场尚未签署这种协定的任何航空公司[翻译]
Lu Feng, an officer with the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, said an airport is a high-security site that requires special attention, which is why both Shanghai and Beijing's public security bureaus set up sub-bureaus in the cities' international airpor的翻译是:吕峰、一个主任,上海市公安局,说一个机场是一个高安全性站点,需要特别注意,这就是为什么这两个上海和北京的公安局设置分局在城市的国际机场[翻译]
"However, maintaining the airport's security is part of our job duties, and the law stipulates very clearly how we should handle airport cases的翻译是:“但是,维持机场的一部分的安全是我们的工作职责,这项法律规定得很清楚我们应如何处理机场案例[翻译]
So in my opinion, there's no need to sign such an agreement," Lu said的翻译是:因此,我觉得,我们没有必要去签订这种协定,」,卢燕说[翻译]
Luo Zhuping, board secretary of China Eastern, agreed and said there are lots of ways to solve problem of flight delays and their consequences的翻译是:罗省长蒋祝平、董事会秘书,中国东部、同意,并表示有多种方式可以解决航班延误及其后果问题。[翻译]
"We could use some moderate approach, rather than strengthen the police force的翻译是:“我们可以用一些温和的态度,而不是加强警察部队[翻译]
For example, we could set up an insurance (against flight delays) and at least get some compensation for the passengers的翻译是:例如,我们可以设置一个保险(对航班延误),至少可以获得一些赔偿的乘客[翻译]
I understand that many insurers have shown interest in the business," said Luo的翻译是:我知道很多保险公司都表示有兴趣在该业务,”罗[翻译]
The move comes after two groups of angry passengers made their way onto airport tarmacs in Shanghai and Guangzhou last week的翻译是:在两个组到乘客的愤怒在上海和广州机场tarmacs上周[翻译]
About 20 passengers who protested on the Shanghai Pudong Airport tarmac last Wednesday received 1,000 yuan ($160) each in compensation from Shenzhen Airlines, double its usual standard的翻译是:约20名乘客在上海浦东国际机场停机坪抗议上星期三收到一千元(160美元),每个从深圳航空公司赔偿,加倍按惯常的标准[翻译]
That incident is said to have directly stirred another group of passengers to storm the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport tarmac demanding high compensation on Friday的翻译是:据说,这一事件直接引发了另一个组的乘客的风暴广州白云机场停机坪上要求很高的赔偿(星期五)[翻译]
Guan Yin, a senior officer at the sub-bureau's eastern terminal police station, said that passengers are finding more ways to vent their anger and demand compensation的翻译是:观世音菩萨,一名高级干事在分局东站派出所的,他说,乘客找到更多的途径来发泄自己的愤怒和要求赔偿[翻译]
"Nowadays, passengers have a stronger sense of defending their rights but less tolerance than before, which has caused more clashes between them and airports," he said的翻译是:他说:「现在,乘客有更强的归属感,以及捍卫他们的权利,但不容忍,它们之间的冲突,造成了更多机场。」他说[翻译]
And passengers tend to go after the highest compensation amounts ever paid by airlines的翻译是:之后,乘客往往会到有史以来最高补偿金额由航空公司支付[翻译]
"Disputes that could be settled in the past with 200 yuan now need 1,000 yuan," he said的翻译是:他说:「争端,可以解决过去与现在需要1000元200元。」他说:[翻译]
In addition, dissatisfied, passengers are resorting to violence, he said的翻译是:此外,不满意,当乘客诉诸暴力,他说[翻译]
In recent months, angry passengers have attacked two female waitresses in Air China's first-class lounge at the capital airport and five police officers at Shenzhen airport were injured by angry passengers, he said的翻译是:在最近几个月来,愤怒的乘客袭击了两个女侍应的第一个中国国际航空公司的头等舱休息厅在首都机场和深圳机场五名警务人员受伤乘客愤怒,他说:[翻译]
The Civil Aviation Administration of China said on Sunday that it is investigating the two incidents的翻译是:中国民用航空总局星期天表示,这是的两宗事件进行调查[翻译]
Industry insiders say they thought the administration will come up with measures to address the rising problems的翻译是:业内人士说,他们认为政府当局将制定相关措施,不断上升的问题[翻译]

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