求翻译: The Physical meaning of each eigenpoint in DSC curve and the derivation of general Speil formula about the latent heat 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: DSC曲线各特征点的物理意义以及相变热焓的广义Speil公式的推导 参考翻译1: 每个eigenpoint的物理意义在dsc曲线的推导和公式的一般speil有关潜在的热量 参考翻译2: 每个eigenpoint物理意义在DSC曲线和推导的通用Speil潜热的计算公式 参考翻译3: 每个 eigenpoint DSC 曲线和潜热一般 Speil 公式推导中的物理意义 参考翻译4: 在每个DSC曲线eigenpoint的物理意义和有关潜热一般speil公式推导 参考翻译5: 物理意义上的每个特征点的曲线和公式推导一般speil潜热
Some Rules about the Exchange Reactions between Ti(OR)_4 and some Alcohols as well as Their Derivatives的翻译是:对一些规则的交流之间的反应ti(或)_4和一些酒类以及其衍生工具[翻译]
Results The abnormal rate of MMEPs and peripheral conduction tim e(PCT)was 93%and about 35%,respectively.的翻译是:这种不正常的结果率mmeps和外围传导time(pct)是93%,约有35%,分别。[翻译]
The worst landside in Wales’ history came about with the collapse of an artificial mountain on 2l October l966.的翻译是:犁体侧板的最坏的是,威尔斯历史的山上崩溃的一种人为l96610月2l。[翻译]
He was unwilling to press her with questions about her health, since she seemed to make light of the indisposition.的翻译是:他不愿意按她的提问她的健康,因为她似乎对恙。[翻译]
Talk Freely about the Saying “No Custom without Wine”──On Wine Culture Embodied into Chinese National Custom的翻译是:随便谈论说“不自定义无酒"──on酒文化体现到中国国家自定义[翻译]
I feel that the media and reporters in Beijing really like you and care about your wellbeing!!的翻译是:我觉得媒体和记者在北京真的很喜欢你和关心您的身心健康打造![翻译]
By now , we have applied for the techniques in 1,655,830,000 acre ,about 80% of Ningxia medlar orchards.的翻译是:现在,我们已经有了技术在1,655,830,000英亩,约80%的宁夏medlar果园。[翻译]
Query about the Thoughts of Huang Di and Lao-tzu Between the Controlling Ideas in the Early Han Dynasty的翻译是:查询的想法对黄帝和老子的思想在汉代控制[翻译]
One of the areas we have been most critical about recently is the state of our environment.的翻译是:其中一个领域,我们都有是最关键的,是本港最近环境。[翻译]
Firstiy, the paper introduces the basic electromagnetism theory about InSb, and then analyze the principle of InSb magnetosensitive rev sensor.的翻译是:firstiy,白皮书介绍了有关的基本电磁理论insb,然后分析原则的insbmagnetosensitive版本传感器。[翻译]
The Physical meaning of each eigenpoint in DSC curve and the derivation of general Speil formula about the latent heat的翻译是:每个eigenpoint的物理意义在dsc曲线的推导和公式的一般speil有关潜在的热量[翻译]
Daniel Brown and Janel Worcester of Brewer were second, about 10 seconds behind, in the field of 27 couples.的翻译是:丹尼尔·布鲁尔的伍斯特布朗和服务部经理雅是第二,大约10秒钟后,27对夫妇中的字段。[翻译]
It argued that if Britain supported IVF at Danish levels, there would be about 10,000 more children each year.的翻译是:它辩称,如果英国支持「试管内受精」级在丹麦,约有1万多个儿童每年。[翻译]
[bbe] The word about Damascus. See, they have made Damascus a town no longer; it has become a waste place.的翻译是:采用bbe技术的[]关于大马士革一词。 请参阅,却也使得大马士革城已经没有一个;它已经成为一个废物。[翻译]
Conclusion: The pentacyclic hydrocarbons aerosol particles less than 2.0μm of AED is about 80%,and have serious inhalation risk. ?的翻译是:结论:pentacyclic碳氢化合物浮质微粒小于2.0μm的aed约80%,有严重吸入风险。 ?[翻译]
Midfielder Gilberto Silva is excited about the prospect of playing with fellow Brazillians Julio Baptista and Denilson.的翻译是:中场吉尔伯托·席尔瓦是兴奋的家伙玩brazilliansbaptista先生和胡利奥·denilson。[翻译]
Unfortunately, however, there is serious question about the accuracy and reliability of proposed methods for long-term seismicity forecasts.的翻译是:但不幸的是,是严重的问题的准确性和可靠性的提议的方法长期地震预测。[翻译]
These fault often bring about a patient dissatisfactory or the harm that makes didymous patient, pose medical treatment issue thereby.的翻译是:这些故障往往带来的损害,使患者不满或didymous病人,从而造成医疗待遇问题。[翻译]
At the end of 2005, according to the OECD, house prices were about 30% above their trend level.的翻译是:在2005年年底,经合组织说,住宅价格约30%以上水平的趋势。[翻译]
All men hate to hear″We need to talk about our relation ship.?hese words strike fear in the heart.的翻译是:所有人不愿意听”,谈一谈我们有关我们需要船舶”的心在恐惧罢工这句话。[翻译]

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