求翻译: Chinese architecture adheres to the calligraphic rules of symmetry and balance, and the design of Chinese gardens, pavilions and temples all reflect the structural rules and rhythms of calligraphy. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 中国古代建筑从布局到主体的梁柱结构,都遵循对称、均衡、主从关系等法则,园林建筑中的含蓄、借景,以及亭、台、楼、榭追求的空灵、飞动等都与书法密切相关。 参考翻译1: 中国建筑学遵守对称和平衡书法规则,并且设计中国庭院、亭子和寺庙全部反射书法结构规则和节奏。 参考翻译2: 中国建筑坚持书法的规则的对称和平衡,中国园林的设计、楼阁和寺庙所有反映结构规则和节奏的书法。 参考翻译3: 坚持书法规则对称和平衡,中国建筑和中国园林、 亭台和庙宇的设计反映结构规则和书法的节奏。 参考翻译4: 中国建筑附着的书法规则的对称与平衡,和中国园林,亭台楼阁,庙宇的设计都体现出书法的结构规则和节奏。 参考翻译5: 中国建筑坚持书法规则对称与平衡的设计,中国园林,亭台庙宇都反映了结构规则和节奏的书法。
China adheres to the concept of people's war under modern conditions, and exercises the combination of a streamlined standing army with a powerful reserve force for national defense. 的翻译是:中国遵守人民的战争的概念在现代情况下,并且行使效率化的常备军的组合与国防的强有力的后备力量。[翻译]
someone who adheres to the doctrine that ordinary moral distinctions are invalid. 的翻译是:遵守教条的人普通的道德分别是无效的。[翻译]
one who adheres to traditional views. 的翻译是:一谁遵守传统看法。[翻译]
Meanwhile, the school adheres to the principle that" pupils first", educate pupils in an all-round way. 的翻译是:同时,学校遵守原则that"学生first" 教育学生用一个全能方式。[翻译]
China strictly adheres to its obligations under the CWC and BWC, and will not in any way help or encourage any country to obtain chemical or biological weapons. 的翻译是:中国严格地坚持它的义务在CWC和BWC下,并且不将以任何方式帮助或鼓励任何国家得到化工或生物武器。[翻译]
Article 2 The State adheres to the guiding principle of taking agriculture as the foundation in developing the national economy. 的翻译是:第状态遵守采取农业的指导原则作为在发展国民经济的基础的2。[翻译]
"I know it, sir; a young man, who still adheres to my fallen fortunes, passes a part of his time in a belvidere at the top of the house, in hopes of being the first to announce good news to me; 的翻译是:" 我认识它,先生;一个年轻人,仍然遵守我的下落的时运,通过他的在belvidere的时间的部分在房子顶部,希望是宣布好消息的第一个对我;[翻译]
a person who adheres briefly to different diets. 的翻译是:简单地遵守不同的饮食的人。[翻译]
an artistic person who adheres to classicism. 的翻译是:遵守古典主义的一个艺术性的人。[翻译]
" In terms of military strategy, China follows a policy of positive defence and adheres to the idea of people's war. 的翻译是:"根据军事战略,中国服从正面防御政策并且遵守人民的战争想法。[翻译]
Chinese architecture adheres to the calligraphic rules of symmetry and balance, and the design of Chinese gardens, pavilions and temples all reflect the structural rules and rhythms of calligraphy. 的翻译是:中国建筑学遵守对称和平衡书法规则,并且设计中国庭院、亭子和寺庙全部反射书法结构规则和节奏。[翻译]
The Chinese government adheres to the guiding principle of development focusing on the expansion of domestic demand 的翻译是:中国政府遵守集中于国内需求扩展的发展的指导原则[翻译]
Title: On October26 th, Zhuhai and Macau launched a joint fire drill to ensure that the East Asia Sports Meet adheres to fire safety standards. 的翻译是:标题:在October26 Th,珠海和澳门发射一次联合消防训练保证东亚体育集会遵守防火安全标准。[翻译]
An intranet is defined more clearly up front, it adheres to a small set of standards, and it scales across the enterprise. 的翻译是:内部网被定义更加清楚在最前面,它遵守小套标准,并且它横跨企业称。[翻译]
The Chinese Government adheres to the basic principle of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems", and strives to promote the economic and trade cooperation and personnel exchange across the Straits. 的翻译是:中国政府遵守&quot的基本原则; 和平统一和一个国家,两systems" 和努力促进经济,并且贸易合作和人员横跨海峡交换。[翻译]
China adheres to the United Nations theme of equality, development and peace when taking part in international bilateral and multilateral women's activities. 的翻译是:当参与在国际双边和多边妇女的活动时,中国遵守平等、发展和和平联合国题材。[翻译]
Mao Zedong Though not only adheres to the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism, but also adds much new content to the treasure house of Marxism-Leninism. 的翻译是:毛泽东不仅虽则遵守马克思列宁主义普遍真相,而且增加新的内容到马克思列宁主义宝库。[翻译]
She adheres to what she has said at the meeting 的翻译是:她遵守什么她说在会议上[翻译]
China adheres to the principle in legal system that "there shall be laws to abide by, everyone should abide by the law, the law must be enforced strictly, and those who violate the law must be dealt with." 的翻译是:中国遵守在&quot的法制系统的原则; 将有遵守的法律,大家应该遵守法律,必须确实地强制执行法律,并且违犯法律的那些人必须是成交的with."[翻译]
China adheres to an independent and peaceful diplomatic policy and seeks friendly neighbor relations. 的翻译是:中国遵守一项独立和平安的外交政策并且寻找友好的附近联系。[翻译]

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