求翻译: So long as the collective leadership is united and adheres to the policies of reform and opening to the outside world, fundamental changes will take place in China even if our country develops only at a measured pace for dozens of years. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 只要这个领导集体是团结的,坚持改革开放的,即使是平平稳稳地发展几十年,中国也会发生根本的变化。 参考翻译1: 只要集体领导被团结并且遵守改革开放政策外界,根本变动在中国将发生,即使我们的国家只稳速地开发数十年。 参考翻译2: 只要集体领导的统一,坚持改革开放政策的外部世界,根本性的变化将发生在中国,即使我们国家的发展速度只有在测量了几十年。 参考翻译3: 所以只要领导集体团结,坚持改革和向外部世界开放的政策,根本的改变将在中国举行,即使我们国家的发展只有在测量几十年的步伐。 参考翻译4: 只要领导集体是团结的,坚持改革的政策和向外界开放,根本性的变化将发生在中国,即使我国测得的步伐,仅在几十年的发展。 参考翻译5: 只要这个领导集体是团结的,坚持改革开放,中国也会发生根本的变化即使我们国家的发展不仅在速度测量几十年。
Chinese architecture adheres to the calligraphic rules of symmetry and balance, and the design of Chinese gardens, pavilions and temples all reflect the structural rules and rhythms of calligraphy. 的翻译是:中国建筑学遵守对称和平衡书法规则,并且设计中国庭院、亭子和寺庙全部反射书法结构规则和节奏。[翻译]
The Chinese government adheres to the guiding principle of development focusing on the expansion of domestic demand 的翻译是:中国政府遵守集中于国内需求扩展的发展的指导原则[翻译]
Title: On October26 th, Zhuhai and Macau launched a joint fire drill to ensure that the East Asia Sports Meet adheres to fire safety standards. 的翻译是:标题:在October26 Th,珠海和澳门发射一次联合消防训练保证东亚体育集会遵守防火安全标准。[翻译]
An intranet is defined more clearly up front, it adheres to a small set of standards, and it scales across the enterprise. 的翻译是:内部网被定义更加清楚在最前面,它遵守小套标准,并且它横跨企业称。[翻译]
The Chinese Government adheres to the basic principle of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems", and strives to promote the economic and trade cooperation and personnel exchange across the Straits. 的翻译是:中国政府遵守&quot的基本原则; 和平统一和一个国家,两systems" 和努力促进经济,并且贸易合作和人员横跨海峡交换。[翻译]
China adheres to the United Nations theme of equality, development and peace when taking part in international bilateral and multilateral women's activities. 的翻译是:当参与在国际双边和多边妇女的活动时,中国遵守平等、发展和和平联合国题材。[翻译]
Mao Zedong Though not only adheres to the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism, but also adds much new content to the treasure house of Marxism-Leninism. 的翻译是:毛泽东不仅虽则遵守马克思列宁主义普遍真相,而且增加新的内容到马克思列宁主义宝库。[翻译]
She adheres to what she has said at the meeting 的翻译是:她遵守什么她说在会议上[翻译]
China adheres to the principle in legal system that "there shall be laws to abide by, everyone should abide by the law, the law must be enforced strictly, and those who violate the law must be dealt with." 的翻译是:中国遵守在&quot的法制系统的原则; 将有遵守的法律,大家应该遵守法律,必须确实地强制执行法律,并且违犯法律的那些人必须是成交的with."[翻译]
China adheres to an independent and peaceful diplomatic policy and seeks friendly neighbor relations. 的翻译是:中国遵守一项独立和平安的外交政策并且寻找友好的附近联系。[翻译]
So long as the collective leadership is united and adheres to the policies of reform and opening to the outside world, fundamental changes will take place in China even if our country develops only at a measured pace for dozens of years. 的翻译是:只要集体领导被团结并且遵守改革开放政策外界,根本变动在中国将发生,即使我们的国家只稳速地开发数十年。[翻译]
The Western countries have the same attitude towards China as towards the East European countries. They are unhappy that China adheres to socialism. 的翻译是:西方国家有对于中国的同一个态度象往东欧国家。他们是不快乐的中国遵守社会主义。[翻译]
To the juveniles who break the law and commit crimes, China adopts the policy of education, help and reform and adheres to the principle of relying mainly on education while making punishment subsidiary. 的翻译是:对违反法律并且犯罪的青少年,中国实行教育政策,帮助并且改革并且遵守依靠的原则主要教育,当做处罚辅助者时。[翻译]
Reform and opening up to the outside world constitutes a basic long-term state policy that China adheres to. 的翻译是:改革和开放对外界构成中国遵守的一项基本的长期状态政策。[翻译]
China adheres to the principle of combining government guidance with the wishes of the masses when carrying out its family planning policy. 的翻译是:当执行它的家庭计划政策时,中国遵守结合政府教导的原则与大量的愿望。[翻译]
Johnny is usually played as a stubborn person who always adheres to his own opinions. 的翻译是:约翰尼通常被演奏作为总是遵守他自己的看法的一个倔强人。[翻译]
(of lichens) having a thin crusty thallus that adheres closely to the surface on which it is growing. 的翻译是:(地衣)有严密地遵守与表面它增长的稀薄的有壳的叶状体。[翻译]
and adheres to flexible applications of strategies and tactics, creating new ways of fighting so as to give fuller play to the strength of a people's war. 的翻译是:并且遵守战略和战术的灵活的应用,创造以便给更加充分的戏剧的新的方式战斗人的战争的力量。[翻译]
Everyone can trust China in two respects. First, China adheres to principles. Second, China means what it says. 的翻译是:大家在两个方面可能信任中国。首先,中国遵守原则。其次,中国意味什么它说。[翻译]
A technique for the restoration, repair, or cosmetic improvement of a tooth that involves the application of a high-impact resinous material to the tooth surface, where it adheres to the existing enamel. 的翻译是:介入高冲击树脂的材料应用对牙表面牙的恢复、修理或者化妆改善的一个技术,它遵守现有的搪瓷。[翻译]

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