求翻译: The two companies also promised to put a total of 350 million yuan to work on fishery resources recovery and conservation 是什么意思?
参考翻译1: 两家公司还承诺将一个总的350多万元人民币,对渔业资源恢复和养护工作 参考翻译2: 两家公司还承诺投入总额3.5亿元的工作,对渔业资源恢复和保护 参考翻译3: 这两家公司还承诺,将共 350 多万元,对渔业资源恢复和保护工作 参考翻译4: 两家公司还承诺将共计3.5亿元,对渔业资源的恢复和保护工作 参考翻译5: 两家公司还承诺投入了350000000元的总工作对渔业资源的恢复和保护
Some media reports have said the Philippines has issued notice to China on its readiness to raise the sovereignty of Huangyan Island to international arbitration的翻译是:一些媒体报道说,菲律宾已发出通告,表示愿意为中国的黄岩岛的主权提出对国际仲裁[翻译]
"What a world it would be if a country could, at its own will, raise another country's territory to international arbitration," Liu said, stressing the Huangyan Island is inherent territory of China的翻译是:他说:「如果一个世界上,将是一个国家可在其本身的意愿,提出另一国的领土国际仲裁。”刘说,强调黄岩岛是中国固有领土。[翻译]
China: Philippines' island claim illegal的翻译是:中国:菲律宾的岛屿声称非法[翻译]
US energy giant ConocoPhillips China and its partner the China National Offshore Oil Corp have agreed to pay 1的翻译是:美国能源巨擘conocophillips中国及其合作伙伴的中国国家海洋石油总公司已同意支付1[翻译]
68 billion yuan ($267 million) for the oil leaks off northern Bohai Bay, China's maritime watchdog announced on Friday的翻译是:68元(2.67亿美元)用于油泄漏关闭北部渤海湾地区、中国的海洋监视程序)星期五宣布[翻译]
ConocoPhillips China will pay 1的翻译是:conocophillips中国将支付1[翻译]
09 billion yuan in compensation for the oil spills, while China National Offshore Oil Corp and the Chinese unit of ConocoPhillips will pay 480 million yuan and 113 million yuan respectively for environmental protection efforts in Bohai Bay, according to t的翻译是:09元的补偿溢油,同时中国海洋石油总公司和中国单位的conocophillips将支付480元和113元的环保工作分别在渤海湾,根据国家海洋局[翻译]
<table align="right" border="0" bordercolordark="#ffffff" bordercolorlight="#ffffff" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="2" style="BORDER-RIGHT: #ffffff 0px; BORDER-TOP: #ffffff 0px; BORDER-LEF的翻译是:<表校准="权利"边界="0"bordercolordark="#ffffff"bordercolorlight="#ffffff"单元格填充=“1”单元格间距="2"style="边界的权利:#ffffff0px;上边框:#ffffff0px;左边框:#ffffff0px;宽度:80px;下边框:#ffffff0px;高度:20px;背景颜色:#ffffff">[翻译]
The two leaks in the Penglai 19-3 oilfield, the country's biggest offshore oilfield, released more than 700 barrels of crude oil into the waters and triggered widespread anger and criticism from the Chinese public about ConocoPhillips' inefficiency in d的翻译是:这两个有漏气的蓬莱19-3油田,该国最大的岸外油田,释放了700多个桶原油的水域中,引发普遍的愤怒和批评毫无效率的conocophillips中国公众了解在处理事故[翻译]
It's the latest move after the two oil companies said in January that they had reached agreements with the Ministry of Agriculture to settle the fishery compensation, under which ConocoPhillips will provide 1 billion yuan to improve fishery resources in 的翻译是:它的最新举措,1月两家石油公司说,他们已达成协议,与农业部渔业补偿的解决,conocophillips,将提供10亿元人民币的中以改善渔业资源水域[翻译]
The two companies also promised to put a total of 350 million yuan to work on fishery resources recovery and conservation的翻译是:两家公司还承诺将一个总的350多万元人民币,对渔业资源恢复和养护工作[翻译]
Both of the companies didn't clarify whether the latest funds announced on Friday are linked to the previous ones, but did confirm the administration's statement, without elaborating的翻译是:两个公司没有澄清,这是否表示在星期五宣布最新基金是与以往不同的是,政府当局的声明,并确认,并没有进一步说明[翻译]
The government ordered the US company to suspend operation of the oilfield in September after claiming that the oil leaks were caused by "negligence的翻译是:政府下令美国公司暂停运作后9月声称在油田的石油泄漏,造成“疏忽[翻译]
" Zhong Hua, chief financial officer of the China National Offshore Oil Corp, said on Tuesday that the company's net production in the first quarter declined by 6的翻译是:" 中华首席财务官的中国海洋石油总公司,在星期二表示,该公司的净生产在第一季度却下降了6[翻译]
3 percent year-on-year to 79的翻译是:3%的按年至79[翻译]
8 million barrels of oil equivalent, partly due to the suspension of production at the Penglai 19-3 oilfield的翻译是:800万桶石油当量,这部分是由于悬架的生产在蓬莱油田19-3[翻译]
Even so, he said the company is confident it will realize its previous annual target of 330 to 340 million barrels of oil equivalent的翻译是:即使这样,他表示,该公司有信心,便会认识到它的上一个年度目标是330至340万桶石油当量[翻译]
"The compensation amount is higher than expected的翻译是:“赔偿金额比预期的高[翻译]
But it's not a matter of capital的翻译是:但它并不是一个资本[翻译]
More importantly, it's a turning point for the oil producers that they will pay if they leave environmental protection behind in pursuit of profit," said Lin Boqiang, director of the China Center for Energy Economic Research at Xiamen University的翻译是:更为重要的是,它的一个转折点,使石油生产国,他们会在背后如果他们离开环境保护追求利润,”林boqiang、中国能源经济研究的中心在厦门大学[翻译]

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