求翻译: On April 30, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Security issued a regulation on maintaining order in medical institutions 是什么意思?
参考翻译1: 4月30日,卫生部和公安部发布的条例在医疗机构维持秩序 参考翻译2: 4月30日,卫生部和公安部颁布了一项规定在医疗机构维持秩序 参考翻译3: 4 月 30 日卫生部和公安部发出关于维护医疗机构秩序条例 参考翻译4: 4月30日,卫生部和公安部发出了维持秩序,在医疗机构的监管 参考翻译5: 四月三十日,卫生部和公安部颁发的规定维持秩序的医疗机构
The woman claimed that the operation had affected her sex life, but the hospital's medical appraisal said the operation had no side effects on her," said Liu Jing, a Modern Express reporter who interviewed representatives of the hospital的翻译是:该名女子声称,她的影响性生活操作了,但医院的医疗评估表示,今日的行动没有副作用的她,」刘京表示记者曾经采访过一个现代的医院代表[翻译]
The hospital declined to confirm that information with China Daily的翻译是:医院拒绝确认该信息与中国日报[翻译]
"We are waiting for the results of the police investigation的翻译是:“我们正在等待警方的调查结果[翻译]
Meanwhile, we have tightened the security in our hospital," said a representative of the hospital's publicity department named Cheng的翻译是:同时,我们已加强了安全性,我们的医院表示:“医院的宣传部门的诚[翻译]
China is seeing a growing number of violent patient-doctor disputes的翻译是:看到中国是一个越来越多的暴力的医生与病人争端[翻译]
On April 13, a patient named Lu Fuke stabbed two doctors in the neck in two Beijing hospitals的翻译是:4月13日,一个名为吕fuke病人的颈部被刀刺伤两名医生在两个北京医院[翻译]
That case remains under investigation的翻译是:这种情况下仍在调查之中[翻译]
On March 23, a 17-year-old patient, Li Mengnan, stabbed medical staff in a hospital in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, leaving one intern dead and three other staff members injured的翻译是:3月23日,一名17岁病人,李mengnan、刺伤医护人员在一个医院在黑龙江省哈尔滨市,离开一个实习生死亡,其他三个受伤的工作人员[翻译]
He had reportedly done so because he thought he did not receive immediate care的翻译是:据报告,他这样做是因为他认为他没有得到直接照顾[翻译]
"Some employees in the hospital dare not wear white coats when they step out of their offices, because they're afraid of being beaten by patients' relatives if they were mistaken for doctors," a doctor in a leading Shanghai hospital said on co的翻译是:他说:「一些员工在医院不敢穿白大衣在踏出自己的办公室,因为他们怕被病人家属如果他们被误作医生,”一名医生在上海医院领导表示:“在匿名[翻译]
On April 30, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Security issued a regulation on maintaining order in medical institutions的翻译是:4月30日,卫生部和公安部发布的条例在医疗机构维持秩序[翻译]
It said that people who insult, threaten or intentionally harm medical staff will be punished under the law的翻译是:它说,人侮辱、威胁或故意伤害医疗人员将依法惩处[翻译]
If the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal charges would be filed的翻译是:但如果案情严重不足以构成一种罪行,提出刑事起诉[翻译]
com的翻译是:<div class="definition" dir=""> com, (计算机用语) 通讯端口, DOS 和窗口的装置 (跟计算机串行端口连在一起); COM 文件, 可以用 DOS 操作的文件 <br style="clear : both; font-size : 1px;"> </div>[翻译]
cn </em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em&g的翻译是:cn</em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> <em></em> &#160;[翻译]
Nurse injured in knife attack in hospital|Hot Issues|chinadaily.com.cn的翻译是:护士在医院中受伤刀攻击|热点问题|中国日报网站[翻译]
It may seem impossible for an aged man suffering from terminal cancer to fulfill a dream of touring the world, but his granddaughter made it happen within a few days through micro-blogging的翻译是:它可能似乎是不可能的一个中年男子患末期癌症,履行一个梦的世界的旅游,但他把它做孙女在几天内通过微型博客[翻译]
The miraculous journey started on May 11 when Ling Yifan, a 29-year-old girl from Beijing, posted a plea attached by a self-painted portrait of her grandfather, a terminal cancer patient yearning for travel around the world的翻译是:所行的神迹之旅开始于5月11日,凌腊毅凡先生,一个29岁的女孩从北京、已过帐一个认罪的连接一个自绘肖像的爷爷,一个晚期癌症患者渴望的环游世界旅行[翻译]
Her micro blog on Weibo的翻译是:她对伟柏公司开发微型博客[翻译]

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