求翻译: Research on Present Situation and Development Strategies for Road Traffic in Hankou Area Along the Yangtze River 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 汉口沿江地段道路交通现状及发展对策研究 参考翻译1: 在目前的情况和发展战略研究,在汉口一带地区的道路交通长江 参考翻译2: 研究的现状和发展战略对道路交通事故在汉口地区长江 参考翻译3: 目前的情况和在汉口沿江地区道路交通发展战略研究 参考翻译4: 沿长江的现状和在汉口地区的道路交通发展战略的研究 参考翻译5: 现状及发展对策研究道路交通在汉口沿江地区
Study on the Wetland Eco-tourism Sustainable Development Countermeasure in Du Er Bert Mongolian National Minority Autonomous County的翻译是:研究湿地生态旅游可持续发展对策杜erbert蒙古民族族自治县[翻译]
The development condition of handling technology,standardized modular assembly technology and the special software PAA in FESTO were put forward.的翻译是:发展条件的处理技术,标准化模块化装配技术和特殊的软件在festo临时机场管理局提出。[翻译]
The development is designed…to provide extra accommodation for undergraduates to enable all 400 to “live in”.的翻译是:......的发展是以设计为本科生提供额外住宿,使所有400"生活在"。[翻译]
Being odd means means this is a development kernel, paving the road for the next even, stable release. (i.e. 2.4).的翻译是:正奇表示这将意味着是一个开发中的内核,从而铺平了道路,甚至下一个稳定的版本。 (即 2.4)。[翻译]
D. As friendly envoy between China and Cambodia, they have made great contributions to the development of Cambodia.的翻译是:d.作为中国和柬埔寨之间友好特使,他们都取得了很大的贡献,柬埔寨的发展。[翻译]
This thesis has explained how to apply data analysis technology to the administrative decision of operation development on public transit.的翻译是:这一论断已介绍了如何应用数据分析技术,对业务发展的行政决定的公共交通。[翻译]
With the development of national defense and aerospace industry, detachmentdetection for solid rocket motor is the most pressing issue.的翻译是:在制定国家国防和航空工业,detachmentdetection固体火箭马达是最迫切要求解决的问题。[翻译]
Study of the Development and Relationship between Mitochondria DNA ATPase6, 8 Gene Mutation and Alcoholic Liver Disease in Rats的翻译是:研究的发展和关系的线粒体dnaatpase6、8基因突变和酒精在肝脏疾病老鼠[翻译]
The machines, four years in development and many dollars later, are made by a German firm, Bosch-Siemens.的翻译是:该机,四年以后的发展,很多美元,是由一家德国公司,bosch-siemens。[翻译]
The suggestions on the strategy for FBR development and technical options in China are proposed in the third part.的翻译是:fbr公开赛上的建议发展战略和技术选项,中国提出的第三部分。[翻译]
Research on Present Situation and Development Strategies for Road Traffic in Hankou Area Along the Yangtze River的翻译是:在目前的情况和发展战略研究,在汉口一带地区的道路交通长江[翻译]
HUANG, Wen-Chih, “Urban Development System and Urban Planning in Taiwan”, City Planning in Asia, Kyushu University Press,2001.的翻译是:黄、wen-chih、“城市发展系统和城市的规划在台湾”,城市的规划在亚洲,press,2001九州大学。[翻译]
Agricultural modernization is not confined to mechanization alone; it also includes the application and development of science and technology. 的翻译是:农业现代化进程并不仅仅局限于机械化;它还包括应用程序和发展科学和技术。[翻译]
The fundamental goal of economic development is to uplift the living standards and quality of life of the people.的翻译是:发展经济的根本目的是提高全国人民的生活水平和生活质量的人。[翻译]
Wages of the employees should be raised year by year on basis of the economic development of the FFEs.的翻译是:工资的员工应该逐年提高的基础上的经济发展的ffes。[翻译]
With the development of computer networks and application of distributed computing, CSCW(Computer Supported Cooperative Work) is now widely used.的翻译是:与发展的计算机网络和应用程序的分布式计算、cscw(计算机支持合作工作)现在已被广泛使用。[翻译]
The development of OPC DA server based on ATL and its application in beer automation system are amply introduced.的翻译是:在opcda服务器发展的基础上,万达信息科技及其应用已充分介绍了啤酒自动化系统。[翻译]
This group was organized last year during the World Summit on Sustainable Development, in Johannesburg, South Africa.的翻译是:去年举办了这组可持续发展世界首脑会议期间,在南非的约翰内斯堡。[翻译]
The researchers conclude that "these findings support the hypothesis that breast-feeding benefits long-term stereoscopic development."的翻译是:研究人员得出结论认为,"这些研究结果,支持这一假设是母乳喂养好处长期立体发展。"[翻译]
The UGC also launched a scheme to support the development of Areas of Excellence in the UGC-funded institutions.的翻译是:教资会也推出一项计划,以支持发展的卓越学科领域的教资会资助的院校。[翻译]

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