求翻译: A wrist- mounted weapons pod, weighing about 5 puonds, that fires on voice command 4.6- millimeter bullets up to 300 meters, and four tubes containing 15- millimeter projectiles with a range of 1,000 meters. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: ?带在手腕上的重约2.3千克声控武器箱,装备有射程为300米的4.6毫米子弹和4个射程为1000米的15毫米火箭弹发射管。 参考翻译1: 一个护腕-咖啡包垫安装武器,重约5puonds,火在语音命令4.6-毫米子弹达300米之处,和四个管含有15-毫米子弹射程1000米。 参考翻译3: 手腕-挂载武器 pod、 称重约 5 puonds,将触发上语音命令 4.6 毫米子弹达 300 米和四管含 15 毫米弹丸 1000 米的范围。 参考翻译4: 手腕上的武器吊舱,重约5 puonds,触发语音命令4.6毫米的子弹高达300米,四管含15 - 1000米范围内毫米炮弹。 参考翻译5: 手腕式武器舱,重约5 puonds,火灾语音命令4.6毫米子弹高达300米,和四管含有15毫米弹射程1000米。
In Multi-Agent systems where each Agent has a different goal, Agent must be able to solve conflicts aris- ing in the process of achieving its goal, with incomplete knowledge about other Agents.的翻译是:在“多个业务代表座席系统,其中每个都有一个不同的目标,业务代表必须能够解决冲突aris-ing的过程中实现其目标,并不完全了解其他业务代表。[翻译]
In April 29, 1991, an extremely severe typhoon disaster happened in the Bangladesh with 138000 persons death and economic loss of about $3000000000. The Blagladesh government made a detailed survey after the event.的翻译是:在1991年4月29日,极其严重的台风灾害发生在孟加拉国的138000人死亡和经济损失约为3000000000。 政府的blagladesh所作一个详细的调查的事件后。[翻译]
Neiyiyuan was the Royal Medical Hospital of Chosun Dynasty (1392~1897) in ancient Korea dealing with the diseases of the monarch lasting for about 500 years (from the early Chosun to 1895).的翻译是:neiyiyuan是皇家医院的朝鲜王朝(1392~1897)古代的君主处理疾病的约500年(从朝鲜初期,1895)。[翻译]
Now the search has begun for software that can help them turn databases, World Wide Web sites, library materials, policy memos -- even data about the expertise of agency employees -- into more than bits in a machine. 的翻译是:现在已经进入的搜索软件,它可以帮助您将这些数据库,万维网站点、图书资料、政策“记事本”―――即使是数据的专门知识的机构雇员―――多位在一个机器。[翻译]
The seeded microspheres of polystyrene (about 2μm) were prepared by dispersion polymerization, and monodisperse porous poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) (PS-DVB) microspheres with different ratio of S/DVB were produced by two-stage swelling procedure.的翻译是:种子胶乳微球体的聚苯乙烯(约2μm)的编写了分散聚合法和单分散性多孔聚乙烯(苯乙烯-divinylbenzene)(ps-dvb)胶乳微球体与不同比例的s/dvb生产的两个阶段膨胀过程。[翻译]
This paper makes a deepened discussion about the aesthetic trait of the geisha ci-poetry during the early period of ci-poetry from the perspective of "gender and culture".的翻译是:这份文件使一个深化讨论的美学特征的艺伎的ci的诗歌在创建初期的ci的诗歌的角度从"性别与文化"。[翻译]
No matter how much we like honey, or how much we have read about the uncanny sense of direction which bees possess, we have a horror of being stung.的翻译是:不管我们多么像蜂蜜,或多少我们读了有关蜜蜂的不可思议的方向感,拥有,我们有一个可怕的被。[翻译]
The thesis bring out the design thinking about small digital acquisiting system, The main is two thread for acquisiting process, ATL technique to tool server programe and Winsocket for data transfer and display.的翻译是:这种论点带出的设计思考小的数字acquisiting系统,主要是两个线程的进程acquisiting,atl服务器方案和winsocket技术工具,用于数据传输和显示。[翻译]
Aerobic treatment ran well, Nv is 1.5kgCOD/m~3·d (the retention time is about 24h), the exenterate of COD_(Cr) is between 25% and 30%,chromaticity is less than 20%.的翻译是:有氧运动治疗运行状态良好,nv1.5kgcod/m~3·d(保留时间约为24小时),的exenteratecod_(cr)是介于25%和30%,色度小于20%。[翻译]
The MICs of BDP are similar to those of trimethoprim (TMP), but the ED 50 of BDP only are about 1/2 times the ED 50 that of TMP.的翻译是:在第二次多指标类集调查的恩诺沙星相似,发展政策局(tmp),但教育署只发展政策局的50个教育署50个,大约1/2的时间都是.tmp。[翻译]
A wrist- mounted weapons pod, weighing about 5 puonds, that fires on voice command 4.6- millimeter bullets up to 300 meters, and four tubes containing 15- millimeter projectiles with a range of 1,000 meters.的翻译是:一个护腕-咖啡包垫安装武器,重约5puonds,火在语音命令4.6-毫米子弹达300米之处,和四个管含有15-毫米子弹射程1000米。[翻译]
one of four subclasses or superorder of Monocotyledones; comprises about 6400 species in 5 families of trees and shrubs and terrestrial herbs and a few free-floating aquatics including: Palmae; Araceae; Pandanaceae: and Lemnaceae.的翻译是:其中一个的四子类或superordermonocotyledones;包括约6400种,树木和灌木的家庭5香草和一些自由和地面的浮水立方包括:palmae;araceae;pandanaceae:和lemnaceae。[翻译]
In the meantime, because CFO(Chief Financial Officer) system has obvious advantages and operabilities which make for resolve present defects of conventional financial management in China, it is important content of perfecting about regulative system.的翻译是:同时,由于cfo(首席财务官)系统有明显的优点和operabilities使解决存在瑕疵的传统财务管理在中国,这是最重要的内容,完善有关管理制度。[翻译]
Results The platelets,erythrocytes and monocytes of all ABO blood groups were negative to BSI-B4,while the granulocytes were about 14% positive in blood group B,8% in blood group AB,and 2% in blood group O.的翻译是:结果血小板,群体激素因子和abo血型的所有人对英国标准协会(bsi)的b4,而约14%的积极的颗粒组b,8%血血型ab中,血型o,2%[翻译]
This article analyses two kinds of system structure between C/S and B/S and finally adopts the combination structure about them according to the special enviroment to develop the Web based system:Beijing Comminications Administration Information System.的翻译是:这篇专题文章分析两种系统之间结构c/s和b/s结构的组合,最后通过对他们的特殊环境中,根据开发基于web的系统:北京comminications管理信息系统。[翻译]
She was as forthright and simple as the winds that blew over Tara and the yellow river that wound about it, and to the end of her days she would never be able to understand a complexity.的翻译是:她的脸的风简单直率和塔拉和黄河吹过,伤口,并结束对他的日子她就永远无法理解这种复杂性。[翻译]
Abstract: Based on an investigation about the natural enemy biological resources current situation was made at Qufu Konglin,and some concrete measures for the rational development,usage and protection of natural enemy biological resources was set forth.的翻译是:摘要:基于一个调查的自然生物资源目前的局势是敌人在曲阜konglin,和一些具体的措施,促进合理开发、使用和保护生物资源的天然敌人是阐述。[翻译]
DATA SOURCES: An online search of Medline database was undertaken to identify articles about stem cell transplantation in treating myocardial infarction published in English from January 1980 to December 2005 using the of "stem cells, myocardial infa的翻译是:数据源:一个在线搜索的medline数据库进行检索,以确定文章的干细胞移植治疗心肌梗塞1980年1月出版了英文本,从2005年12月使用的"干细胞、心肌英福[翻译]
a conceited fool; an attitude of self-conceited arrogance; an egotistical disregard of others; so swollen by victory that he was unfit for normal duty; growing ever more swollen-headed and arbitrary; vain about her clothes.的翻译是:一个爱虚荣傻瓜,这种态度的自负自大的心理;一个狂妄自大的人不理会;肿胀的胜利,他不适宜的正常工作;越来越嚣张的头和任意的;对她的衣服也是枉然。[翻译]
The princess was alive, but fatally injured when Mr Huth, a film-maker, reached the car, which crashed in the Alma underpass in Paris about 12.26am on Aug 31, 1997.的翻译是:他是活着的公主,但胡先生时受伤身亡,一个电影的制作,达到了汽车,失事坠毁在了阿拉木图行车隧道、在巴黎8月31日上午大概需要12.26,1997年。[翻译]

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