求翻译: a rich cake with two or more tiers and covered with frosting and decorations; served at a wedding reception. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 两层以上、上撒霜状白糖、有装饰的蛋糕;在婚宴上供应。 参考翻译1: 一个蛋糕,两个或多个层丰富,涵盖与磨砂处理和装饰;在一个婚礼。 参考翻译2: 一个丰富的蛋糕有两个或更多的层并覆盖着霜冻和饰品;曾在婚礼。 参考翻译3: 富人与两个或更多层蛋糕和满霜和装饰物 ;送达在喜宴上。 参考翻译4: 与两个或两个以上的结霜和装饰覆盖层和丰富的蛋糕;在婚宴服务。 参考翻译5: 一个蛋糕2层以上、上结霜和装饰品;在婚宴上供应。
He has served on the National Council of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) for 12 years, and served in many leadership roles for the Kansas Professional Photographers of America.的翻译是:他一直是美国职业摄影家协会的全国理事会(ppa),任务期限为12年,曾担任过许多领导职务美国职业摄影家协会为堪萨斯州。[翻译]
I used to be/am serving as/served as a computer engineer/personnel clerk/social worker.的翻译是:我曾经在/am作为/作为一个电脑工程师/人事文员/社工。[翻译]
A Rotarian since 1974, Stenhammar served on the RI Board of Directors in 1996-98. He has also served RI as district governor, committee member and chairman, and task force general coordinator.的翻译是:一个rotarian自1974年以来,斯滕哈马尔在扶轮社国际董事会在1996-98年度。 他还曾担任利将担任区长、委员会成员和主席,工作队总协调员参加。[翻译]
The tree stump serves as a table; The female students served as a control group; This table would serve very well; His freedom served him well; The table functions as a desk.的翻译是:树树桩作为一个表;女学生作为一个控制组;此表将具有很好的;他的自由他的表函数作为一个接待台。[翻译]
「If a Statement of Claim is not indorsed on the Writ, the Defence must be filed and served within 14 days after a Statement of Claim has been served on the Defendant.的翻译是:"如果索赔声明不注於令状之上,辩护律师必须送交存档和送达后的14天内已经送达申索陈述书之后的被告人。[翻译]
The Italian responds:I want peperonipizza ,He is served and then executed .The Frenchman requests a Filet Mignon,which he is served and then executed.The Jew requests a plate of strawberries.的翻译是:意大利的响应:我希望peperonipizza,他是送达,然后执行.法国人请一个肉片可爱的,他是执行送达,然后再。犹太人请求是一盘草莓。[翻译]
In 1998, 1869 buildings in this age group were inspected and 297 investigation or repair orders served.的翻译是:在1998年,这一年龄群的楼宇1869年进行了视察和297勘测或维修令。[翻译]
This shows that the Pilot Scheme has served as a catalyst in promoting fixed rate mortgages in Hong Kong.的翻译是:这显示试验计划已发挥了催化作用,促进固定利率按揭贷款在香港。[翻译]
Her aversion to alcohol consumption caused her to shun all social gatherings where such beverages would be served.的翻译是:她厌恶酒精消费导致她顺所有社交聚会,将会有助于此类饮料。[翻译]
Oyster fork, if shellfish is to be served, beyond the spoons.This is the only fork ever placed on the right.的翻译是:牡蛎叉车,如果是贝壳类动物,是服务对象,除了汤匙。这是只有叉车被置于右侧。[翻译]
a rich cake with two or more tiers and covered with frosting and decorations; served at a wedding reception.的翻译是:一个蛋糕,两个或多个层丰富,涵盖与磨砂处理和装饰;在一个婚礼。[翻译]
Finally,the model simulation is implemented in subsection sequencing,determinate step sequencing and FCFS(first come,first served) sequencing,respectively.的翻译是:最后,模型模拟的是款实施排序,排序和确定性步骤fcfs(先到,先得)排序,分别。[翻译]
The only open restaurant served coarse vegetable soups, with lumps of mutton and goat in sticky rice.的翻译是:唯一的开放式餐厅提供粗糙的蔬菜汤,冰淇淋的羊肉在糯米饭和羊。[翻译]
This time, however, it was served in a tall, thin jug with a narrow opening at the top.的翻译是:然而这一次,它是在一个高且细的窄玻璃壶,顶部。[翻译]
At the expiration of one month from the date of the announcement, the document shall be deemed to be served.的翻译是:在到期日一个月的这项宣布后,文件将被视为送达。[翻译]
Finely ground and highly spiced meat, fish, or poultry that is served alone or used in stuffing的翻译是:高精度和高五香肉、鱼、或家禽,或一起使用的填料函仅是送达[翻译]
Having served his full time in India… he was free to come home and stay with a good pension.的翻译是:曾先后担任了他的全职在印度......他可以自由回家,住在一个很好的养恤金。[翻译]
I tried Thai herb calamari ? like Italian fried squid but served with a sweet spicy lemon sauce.的翻译是:我想泰式香草乌贼和火枪乌贼? 就像意大利的甜油炸鱿鱼,柠檬香辣酱。[翻译]
During this time, John Brooke served in the army for a year and now works as a bookkeeper.的翻译是:在这段时间内,约翰·布鲁克在军队的一年现在一个簿记员。[翻译]
soft bread made of cornmeal and sometimes rice or hominy; must be served with a spoon (chiefly Southern).的翻译是:麦片做的面包,有时软米饭或hominy;必须与一个汤匙(主要是南部)。[翻译]

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