求翻译: Thank you very much for your kindness and considerateness. (Taking out some money from the pocket) Please keep it. 是什么意思?
参考翻译0: 十分感谢您的好意与周到,(从口袋中掏出一些钱)请收下这个。 参考翻译1: 非常感谢您你的仁慈和品行端正。 (抽出一些钱从口袋里),请保留它。 参考翻译2: 非常感谢你的仁慈和心里。(把一些钱从口袋)请继续。 参考翻译3: 非常感谢你为你的仁慈和体贴。(考虑一些钱从口袋里掏出)请保持它。 参考翻译4: 非常感谢你的好意和体贴。 (出从的口袋里服用一些钱的)请保持它。 参考翻译5: 非常感谢你的好意。(从口袋中掏出一些钱)请。
It took me quite some time to pick off the burs that had stuck to my coat.的翻译是:我花了很长一段时间,挑叁,始终坚持我的上衣。[翻译]
a machine that automatically provides a supply of some material (especially one that discharges feed into a trough for livestock).的翻译是:一个机器,可以自动提供的一些材料的供应(尤其是其中一个,排放入槽的牲畜)。[翻译]
She can not free herself of the idea that some one is watching her all the time .的翻译是:她可以把自己的想法,即不自由一些看着她。[翻译]
Besides, we may have so over-simplified certain procedures that some services have become rigid and inflexible.的翻译是:此外,我们可能有过份简化某些程序,一些服务机构已经成为僵化,不够灵活。[翻译]
Some cholelith disease patients, besides there is stone in gallbladder, there also is stone inside their bravery manager.的翻译是:一些cholelith疾病的病人,此外,还有石头是在胆囊,还存在着内石经理他们的英勇行为。[翻译]
To clarify some grammatical doubts, the young Ge wrote to H. Fowler, the lexicographer who produced the "Concise English Dictionary". 的翻译是:要澄清一些文法产生怀疑,ge的青年写信给h.福勒大使,lexicographer的"简明英语词典"。[翻译]
But there were some who were indignantly commenting among themselves: Why has this waste of the ointment been made?的翻译是:但有一些人在评论自己的愤怒:为什么这种浪费的油膏的?[翻译]
If Party B is to be engaged in some special profession, certain qualification certificate gained through relevant training is required.的翻译是:如果乙方必须在一些特殊的专业,一些资格证书获得了通过相关的培训是必需的。[翻译]
Some of those who fled to Hankow, like the three from Huajung, were eventually captured and brought back.的翻译是:一些人逃往汉口,就像三个从huajung,终被捕捉到了,并带回。[翻译]
You can take the time to listen to each other properly and flush out some of those building resentm ents.的翻译是:您可以采取一些时间来收听每一其他正常和冲掉一些,这些建筑resentm经济需求测试。[翻译]
Thank you very much for your kindness and considerateness. (Taking out some money from the pocket) Please keep it.的翻译是:非常感谢您你的仁慈和品行端正。 (抽出一些钱从口袋里),请保留它。[翻译]
Everyone wants to move up in their career! Discover some Modern English expressions dealing with these important events.的翻译是:每个人都想要在自己的职业上移! 发现一些现代英语表达式处理这些重要的事件。[翻译]
The friendly game against QPR was set up some time ago to get legs and hearts working again.的翻译是:友好的游戏是对引发球场斗殴时间前,设置一些腿部和心工作再次获得。[翻译]
Eodiagenesis is characterized by the assemblage of carbonate-analcime-anhydrite, while authigenic kaolinite is found in some strata.的翻译是:eodiagenesis的特点是老红军的碳酸盐的analcime的水泥砂、石灰砂浆,同时找到authigenickaolinite在某些阶层人士。[翻译]
Some of these dualities involve statistical-mechanical systems akin to those that Müller and his colleagues studied.的翻译是:这些双重性的一些涉及到统计的机械系统,类似于müller和他的同事们研究了。[翻译]
My mother asked me to bring back some duty-free perfume when I returned from Hong Kong.的翻译是:我的母亲问我回来一些免税香水当我从香港返回。[翻译]
They also had a small freezer which they used to whip up some test batches of ice cream.的翻译是:他们也有一个小冰箱,一直发展到掀起一些测试批次的冰激凌。[翻译]
a type of LCD screen used for some portable computers; there is a separate circuit for each pixel.的翻译是:一个类型的lcd屏幕用于一些便携式计算机;有一个单独电路的每个像素。[翻译]
in some classifications considered a phylum of the kingdom Protista; in others included in the plant phylum Pyrrophyta.的翻译是:在一些分类的联合王国protistaphylum被认为是;在其他一些国家包括在工厂phylumpyrrophyta。[翻译]
In the paper, Using NC2* for hamiltonian research, we obtain some results which alsoimprove those results in [1] to [4].的翻译是:在该份文件中,使用的hamiltoniannc2*研究,我们获得一些成果,这些成果alsoimprove在[1][4]。[翻译]

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